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Stubs are pages in the non-content space that are incomplete and need expansion. Incomplete pages in the content space are simply called "incomplete pages" and are marked with the {{incomplete}} template. The content space is the main namespace, as well as the author and portal namespaces; these contain the works within the library and other searchable content.


Stub pages are process and background functions for the Wikisource project that are not complete. They are mostly within the Wikisource and Help namespaces, including process pages, guidelines, help, informational pages and even policy. Stub status indicates that a page is not complete and in need of expansion. Any user may expand a stub.

Stubs are marked with {{stub}} template. This template will automatically sort stubs into specific categories. Full documentation can be found on the template page.

Incomplete content pages[edit]

Content pages are pages in the main, author and portal namespaces, with special attention on the main namespace that contains Wikisource's works. These pages are marked with the {{incomplete}} template (note that the stub template will switch to the incomplete template if accidentally placed on a content page).

Incomplete works are usually only tagged on the base page, and not any subpages that might contain individual chapters. This should happen even if the base page (often the title page, table of contents and any other front matter) is complete while the subpages remain incomplete. The template refers to the entire work and not just one page.