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This template may be used to display equations with a right-flushed label and left-flushed text.



The template has three unnamed arguments; the first two of them mandatory.

  • The first argument is the text on the left of the equation.
  • The second argument is the equation to be displayed.
  • The optional third argument is the equation's label.


The first argument, the text, is displayed flushed-left. The second argument, the equation, is displayed centred at full width. The third argument, the label, is displayed flushed-right. If the label is omitted, the empty string is used.


 {{textdisp_right|As all Wikisourcerors know,|2+2<5|(1)}}


As all Wikisourcerors know, 2+2<5 (1)


  • Equation width is maximised; this may lead to early line-breaking in the other two arguments if they contain breakable whitespace.


  • If the total length of all arguments is too great, unintended line-breaking and overlapping may occur.

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