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Edition of 1879. See also Finsteraarhorn on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

FINSTERAARHORN, the loftiest peak of the Bernese Alps, 14,106 (or according to another measurement 14,026) ft. high, situated W. of the Grimsel, and visible from the new carriage road completed since 1867 over the Furca pass. The summit is accessible from the Faulberg hut, 5 m. from Lake Merjelen. Although the mountain is surrounded by stupendous glaciers, the highest point is said to be free from snow and ice, owing to its needle-like formation, whence it is called the Nadel; it is about 20 ft. long. The S. part of the mountain is called also Schwarzhorn, on account of the dark appearance of the rocks. Various attempts to scale the summit have been made during the last 60 years, with varied success; those made most recently have been most successful.