The American Cyclopædia (1879)/Fiorelli, Giuseppe

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FIORELLI, Giuseppe, an Italian archæologist, born in the province of Naples about 1823. He early became one of the directors of the excavations at Pompeii, but being denounced as a liberal, he was removed and subjected to privations and persecutions, despite the protection of the count of Syracuse, brother of the king of Naples, and not restored until the occupation of the kingdom by Victor Emanuel in 1860. He has since been the chief superintendent at Pompeii, and has made considerable progress in the restoration of the excavated buildings, and in the prosecution of new excavations, an annual allowance of 60,000 francs being granted by the government for that purpose. He has published one of the best maps of the uncovered portions of the city, and a chronological history of the discoveries (1860 et seq.), and edits the Giornale del scavi, a journal containing a daily record of the excavations, from their beginning.