The American Journal of Science/Series 1, Volume 4

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American Journal of Science 2 Dingbat 2.png
Mr. Z. Cist on the Wilkesbarre Anthracite, &c. (with a map and a section plates I. and II.) 1
Mr. Thomas Nuttall on the Serpentine of Hoboken, &c. 16
Prof, F. Hall on Iron and its Manufacturers in Vermont, &c. 23
Dr. J. W. Webster's Foreign notices in Mineralogy, &c. (communicated in May, 1821.) 25
Miscellaneous notices in American Mineralogy, &c. by Messrs. J. P. Jenkins. Z. Cist, T. Seal, aud Drs. L. Foot and J. H. Steel, 33
Notices in Mineralogy, &c. by the Editor and others, 40
President Thomas Cooper, M. D. on Volcanoes and Volcanic substances, 205
Dr. J. W. Webster's foreign notices in Mineralogy, Geology, ancient Arts, &c. 243
Mr. D. W. Barton on the Geology of the Catskills, (with a plate) 249
Notice of Dr.J. W. Webster's work on the Azores,&c. 251
M. Alexander Brongniart on Vegetllble Fossils, which traverse the layers of coal formations, (translation, with a plate,) 266
Miscellaneous Notices of American Mineralogy, &c. 274
Prof. Dewey's notices of various localities, 274
Mr. D. W. Barton, on the Virginia fluor spar, 277
Major Delafield on the L. Erie Sulphat of Strontian, &c. 279
Dr. J. I. Bigsby on the same, 280
Major Delafield on the Geology of the Lake Regions, 282
H. H. Hayden, Esq. on Cobalt & Manganese Ores, 282
Mr. T. H. Webb on Minerals near Providence, (R. I.) 284
Mr. H. R. Schoolcraft on a Remarkable Fossil Tree, 285
Prof. D. B. Douglass and Dr. J. Torrey on the Plants of the North-West, 56
Mr. John P. Brace on the Plants of Litchfield, &c. 69
Professor J. Green on the Cotton Plant, 86
Mr. John P. Brace's Catalogue of Plants near Litchfield, &c. 292
Dr. J. E. Dekay on tlte Pennatule flèche, (with a figure,) 87
Prof. J. Green on the Bald Eagle, 89
Prof. S. L. Mitchell on the Proteus of the North-American Lakes, 181
Prof. S. L. MitchelI on the Mus bursarius, 183
Prof. Jacob Green — Fragments relating to Animals, 300