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Volume 1[edit]

  • "Reviews", Vol. 1, No. 2 (Sep., 1895), pp. 218–230
  • Annales de l'Institut International de Sociologie.—A. W. Small
  • Bosanquet, Bernard (Editor). Aspects of the Social Problem.—W. I. Thomas.
  • Dyer, Henry. The Evolution of Industry.—A. W. Small
  • Hobson, John A. The Evolution of Modern Capitalism.—A. W. Small
  • Von Halle, Ernst. Trusts, or Industrial Combinations in the United States.—A. W. Small
  • Wright, Carroll D. Industrial Evolution of the United States. —Edw. W. Bemis
  • "Reviews", Vol. 1, No. 4 (Jan., 1896), pp. 492–508
  • John Bascom. Social Theory. A Grouping of Social Facts and Principles.—A. W. Small
  • Jacob A. Biddle. Social Regeneration.—C. R. Henderson
  • Wilbur F. Crafts. Practical Christian Sociology. A series of special lectures before Princeton Theological Seminary and Marietta College, with supplemental notes and appendixes.—A. W. Small
  • Washington Gladden. Ruling Ideas of the Present Age.—A. W. Small
  • William M. Salter. Anarchy or Government? An Inquiry in Fundamental Politics.—A. W. Small
  • E. J. Simcox. Primitive Civilizations.—W. I. Thomas
  • Richard Mayo-Smith. Statistics and Sociology.—E. R. L. Gould
  • Frederick Howard Wines. Punishment and Reformation.—C. R. Henderson
  • "Reviews", Vol. 1, No. 5 (Mar., 1896), pp. 633–642

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