The Army and Navy Hymnal/Catholic/Softly and Still Night Comes Stealing

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The Army and Navy Hymnal edited by Henry Augustine Smith
Softly and Still Night Comes Stealing by Isaac Williams
(music by "F. L.")

Softly and Still Night Comes Stealing 19
Evening Hymn to Our Lady
I. Williams Adapted from Rev F.L.
1 Softly and stil, night comes stealing, Lo! in the West sets the Sun;
Silvery chimes of even pealing, Tell us that the day is done
O lovely Queen of Heaven! O Star of hope so fair!
To the all power is given List! oh! list to our evening prayer.
2 Here at thy feet humbly kneeling, Here at thy feet, Mary See;
To thy mother love appealing, We thy children come to thee.
3 Danger and sin all around us, Warfare we wage day and night;
'Mid temptations that surround us, Mary guide our souls aright
4 Watch o'er us then, lov-ing Mother, Ne-er let our prayer be in vain;
Show thyself in truth our Mother 'Midst life's cares our hearts sustain.