The Auld Goodman, or, The Goodwife Victorious/The Auld Goodman, or, The Goodwife Victorious

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The Auld Goodman, or, The Goodwife Victorious
The Auld Goodman, or, The Goodwife Victorious


LATE in an ev'ning forth I went,
a little before the ſun gaed down,
And there I chanc'd by accident,
to light on a battle new begun:
A man and his wife were fa'n in ſtrife,
I canna well tell you how it began;
But ay ſhe wail'd her wretched life,
and cry'd, ever, alake my auld goodman.


Thy auld goodman that thou talks of,
the country kens where he was born,
Was but a ſilly poor vagabond,
and ilka ane leugh him to ſcorn;
For he did ſpend and mak an end,
of that his forefathers wan,
He gart the poor ſtand frae the door,
ſay tell me nae mair of thy auld good man.


My heart, alake! is liking to break,
when I think on my winſome John,
His blinken eye, and his gait ſae free,
was naething like thee, thou dozen'd drone.
His roſy face, and flaxen hair,
and a ſkin as white as ony ſwan,
Was large and tall, and comely withal,
and thou'll ne'er be like any auld goodman.

He) Why doſt thou 'pleen? I thee maintain;
for meal and mawt thou diſna want;
Bur thy wild bees I canna pleaſe,
now when our geer gins to grow ſcant.
Of houſehold ſtuff thou haſt enough,
thou wants for neither pat nor pan;
Of ſicklike ware he left thee bare,
fae tell nae mair o' thy auld goodman.

She.) Yes, I may tell, and fret myſel',
to think on theſe blythe days I had,
When he and I together lay
in arms into a weel made bed;
But now I ſigh and may be ſad,
thy courage is cauld, thy colour wan,
Thou faulds thy feet, and fa's aſleep,
and thou'll ne'er be like my auld goodman.

Then coming was the night fae dark;
and gane was a' the light o' day;
The carl was fear'd to miſs his mark,
and therefore wad nae langer ſtay.
Then up he gat, and he ran his way,
I trow the wife the day ſhe wan,
And ay the o'erword o' the fray,
was ever, alake! my auld goodman.

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.