The Auld Goodman, or, The Goodwife Victorious/The Valiant Soldier

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COME all you lovers far and near,
within bold Britain's dourie,
Attentive be, and liſten to me,
while I relate my ſtory:
There's ſome calls me a quiet young lad,
and others a wild rover,
But I tell you I'm neither of the two,
for I'm a jolly ſoldier.

I chearfully left my pipe and pot,
to go where drums were beating,
That muſic's ſweeter far to hear,
than a lover's tales intreating:
For woman's cries I do deſpiſe;
I love my foes to conquer,
And follow the drums where cannons roar,
juſt like a valiant ſoldier.

A ſoldier lives the happieſt life
almoſt can be enjoyed,
Each day to ſpend his frugal pay,
his time is moſt employed;
So this each day we paſs away,
each day and night all over,
And so where I will, I go by the name
of a loyal hearted ſoldier.

So full of glee, my landlady,
will all her joys diſcover,
And when my landlord he comes home,
I'll play the wanton lover:
So this each day I'll paſs away,
each day and night all over;
Contented and free in unity,
bleſt be each jovial ſoldier.

When Britain again has peace proclaim'd,
then home I'll be returning,
Then every ſoul out over his bowl,
ſhall drink his former mourning;
Let each take his glaſs and then his laſs,
and drink to each true lover;
Bad luck unto he that would not drink free
to every loyal ſoldier.

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.