The Autobiography of a Flea/Chapter 12

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Sudden death is so common an event, especially among persons whose previous history has led to the supposition of the existence of some organic deterioration, that surprise easily gives place to ordinary expressions of condolence, and this again to a state of resignation at a result by no means to be wondered at. The transition may be thus expressed:

" Who would have thought it? "

" Is it possible? "

" I always had my suspicions. "

" Poor fellow! "

" Nobody ought to be surprised! "

This interesting formula was duly gone through when poor Mr. Delmont paid the debt of nature, as the phrase goes.

A fortnight after that unfortunate gentleman had departed this life, his friends were all convinced they had long ago detected symptoms which must sooner or later prove fatal; they rather prided themselves on their sagacity, reverently admitting the inscrutability of Providence.

As for me, I went about much as usual, except that for a change I fancied Julia's legs had a more piquant flavour than Bella's and I accordingly bled them regularly for my repast matutinal and nocturnal.

What could be more natural than that Julia should pass much of her time with her dear friend Bella, and what more likely than that the sensual Father Ambrose and his patron, the lecherous relative of my dear Bella, should seek to improve the occasion and repeat their experiences upon the young and docile girl!

That they did so, I knew full well, for my nights were most uneasy and uncomfortable, always liable to interruption from the incursions of long hairy tools among the pleasant groves, wherein I had temporarily located myself, and frequently nearly drowning me in a thick and fright-fully glutinous torrent of animal semen.

In short, the young and impressionable Julia was easily and completely broken up, and Ambrose and his friend revelled to their heart's content in her complete possession.

They had gained their ends, what mattered the sacrifice to them?

Meanwhile other and very different ideas were occupying the mind of Bella, whom I had abandoned, and feeling, at length, a degree of nausea from the too frequent indulgence in my new diet, I resolved to vacate the stockings of the pretty Julia and return— " Revenir a mon mouton, " as I might say—to the sweet and succulent pastures of the prurient Bella.

I did so, and " void le resultat! "

One evening Bella retired to rest rather later than usual.

Father Ambrose was absent upon a mission to a distant parish, and her dear and indulgent uncle was laid up with a sharp attack of gout, to which he had lately become more subject.

The girl had already managed her hair for the night. She had also denuded herself of her upper garments and was in the act of putting her " chemise de nuit " over her head, in the process of which she inadvertently allowed her petticoats to fall and display before her glass the beautiful proportions and exquisitely soft and transparent skin.

So much beauty might have fired Anchorite, but alas! There was no such ascetic there present to be inflamed. As for me, she only nearly broke my longest feeler and twisted my right jumper, as she whirled the warm garment in the hair above her head.

One present there was, however, whom Bella had not counted upon, but upon whom, it is needless to say, nothing was lost.

And now I must explain that ever since the crafty Father Clement had been denied Bella's charms, he had sworn a very unclerical and beastly oath to renew the attempt to surprise and capture the pretty fortress he had once already stormed and ravished. The remembrance of his happiness brought tears into his sensual little eyes, and a certain distension sympathetically imparted itself to his enormous member.

Clement in fact had sworn a fearful oath to fuck Bella in a natural state in her own unvarnished words, and I, Flea though I be, heard and understood their import.

The night was dark; the rain fell—Ambrose was absent.

Verbouc was ill and helpless—Bella would be alone—all this was perfectly well-known to Clement, and accordingly he made the attempt. Improved by his recent experience in his geography of the neighbourhood, he went straight to the window of Bella's chamber, and finding it, as he expected, unfastened and open, he coolly entered and crept beneath the bed. From this position Clement beheld with throbbing veins the toilette of the beautiful Bella until the moment when she commenced to throw off her chemise, as I have already explained. In so doing Clement saw the nudity of the girl in full view, and snorted internally like a bull. From his recumbent position he had no difficulty in viewing the whole of her body from the waist down, and as she faced from him, his eyes glistened as he saw the lovely twin globes of her bottom opening and shutting as the graceful girl twisted her lithe figure in the act of passing the chemise over her head.

Clement could restrain himself no longer, his desires rose to boiling point, and softly, but swiftly, gliding from his concealment, he arose behind her; and without an instant's loss of time he clasped her asked body in his arms, placing as he did so, one of his fat hands over her rosy mouth.

Bella's first instinct was to scream, but that feminine resource was denied her. Her next was to faint, and this she probably would have done out for one circumstance.

This was the fact, that as the audacious intruder held her close to him, a certain something, hard, long and warm, very sensibly pressed inwards between her smooth buttocks, and lay throbbing in their separation and up along her back. At this critical moment Bella's eyes encountered their image reflected in the opposite toilet-glass, and she recognized, over her shoulder the inflamed and ugly visage, crowned by the shock circle of red hair, of the sensual priest.

Bella understood the situation in the twinkling of an eye. It was nearly a week since she had received the embraces of either Ambrose or her uncle, and this fact had no doubt something to do with the conclusion she formed on this trying occasion. What she had been on the point of doing in reality, the lewd girl now only simulated.

She allowed herself to recline gently back upon the stout figure of Clement, and that happy individual, believing she was really fainting, at once withdrew his hand from her mouth and supported her in his arms.

The unresisting position of so much loveliness excited Clement almost to madness. She was nearly naked, and he ran his hands over her polished skin. His immense weapon, already stiff and distended with impatience, now palpitated with passion, as he held the beautiful girl in his close embrace.

Clement tremblingly drew her face to his, and imprinted a long and voluptuous kiss upon her sweet lips.

Bella shuddered and opened her eyes.

Clement renewed his caresses.

The young girl sighed.

" Oh! " she exclaimed, softly, " how dare you come here? Pray, pray leave me at once—it is shameful. "

Clement grinned. He was always ugly—now he looked positively hideous in his strong lust.

" So it is, said he, " shameful to treat such a pretty girl like this, but then, it's so delicious, my darling. "

Bella sobbed.

More kisses, and a roving of hands over the naked girl.

A great uncouth hand settled over the downy mount, and a daring finger, separating the dewy lips, entered the warm slit and touched the sensitive clitoris.

Bella closed her eyes, and repeated the sigh. That sensitive little organ instantly commenced to develop itself. It was by no means diminutive in the case of my young friend, and under the lascivious fingering of the ugly Clement, it arose, stiffened, and stuck out, until it almost parted the lips of its own accord.

Bella was fired—desire beamed in her eyes; she had caught the infection and stealing a glance at her seducer, she noticed the terrible look of rampant lust which spread itself over his face, as he toyed with her secret young charms.

The girl trembled with agitation; an earnest longing for the pleasure of coition took absolute possession of her, and unable longer to control her desires, she quickly insinuated her right hand behind her, and grasped, but could not span, the huge weapon which drove against her bottom.

Their eyes met—lust raged in each. Bella smiled, Clement repeated his sensual kiss, and insinuated his lolling tongue within her mouth. The girl was not slow to second his lecherous embraces, and allowed him full liberty of action, both as to his roving hands and active kisses.

Gradually he pressed her towards a chair, and Bella, sinking upon it, awaited impatiently the next overtures of the Priest. Clement stood exactly in front of her. His cassock of black silk, which reached to his heels, bulged out in front, while his cheeks, fiery red with the violence of his desires, were only rivalled by the smoking lips, as he breathed excitedly in the ecstasy of the anticipations.

He saw that he had nothing to fear and everything to enjoy.

" This is too much, " murmured Bella, " go away. "

" Oh! impossible now I have had the trouble of getting here. "

" But you may be discovered, and I should be ruined. "

" Not likely—you know we are quite alone and not at all likely to be disturbed. Besides, you are so delicious, my child, so fresh, so young and beautiful—there, don't withdraw your leg. I was only putting my hand on your soft thigh. In fact, I want to fuck you, my darling. "

Bella saw the huge projection give a flip up.

" How nasty you are! —What words you use. "

" Do I, my little pet, my angel, " said Clement, again seizing on the sensitive clitoris, which he moulded between his finger and thumb; " they are all prompted by the pleasure of feeling this pouting little cunt that is slyly trying to evade my touches. "

" For shame! " exclaimed Bella, laughing in spite of herself.

Clement came close and stopped over her, as she sat; he took her pretty face between his fat hands. As he did so, Bella was conscious that his cassock, already bulging out with the force of the desires communicated to his truncheon, was within a few inches of her bosom.

She could detect the throbs with which the black silk garment gradually rose and fell. The inclination was irresistible; she put her delicate little hand under the priest's vestment, and lifting up sufficiently felt a great hairy mass, which contained two balls, as large as fowl's eggs.

" Oh, my goodness, how enormous! " whispered the young girl.

" All full of the beautiful thick spunk, " sighed Clement, playing with the two pretty breasts which were so close to him.

Bella shifted her ground, and once more grasped with both hands the strong and stiffened body of an enormous penis.

" How dreadful, what a monster! " exclaimed the lewd girl. " It is a big one, indeed; what a size you are! "

" Yes, isn't that a cock? " observed Clement, pushing forward and holding up his cassock the better to bring the gigantic affair into view.

Bella could not resist the temptation, but raising still higher the man's garment, released his penis entirely, and exposed it at full stretch.

Fleas are bad measures of size and space, and I forbear to give any exact dimensions of the weapon upon which the young lady now cast her eyes. It was gigantic, however, in its proportions. It had a large and dull red head, which stood shining and naked at the end of a long grisly shaft.

The hole at the tip, usually to small, was, in this instance, a considerable slit, and was moist with the seminal humidity which gathered there. Along the whole shaft coursed the swollen blue veins, and behind all was a matted profusion of red bristling hair. Two huge testicles hung below.

" Good heavens! Oh, Holy Mother! " murmured Bella, shutting her eyes, and giving it a slight squeeze.

The broad, red head, distended and purple with the effect of the exquisite tickling of the girl, was now totally uncapped, and stood stiffly up from the folds of loose skin, which Bella pressed back upon the great white shaft.

Bella toyed delightfully with this acquisition, and pressed still further back the velvety skin beneath her hand.

Clement sighed.

" Oh, you, delicious child, " he said gazing at her with sparkling eyes; " I must fuck you at once, or I shall throw it all over you. "

" No, no you must not waste any of it, " exclaimed Bella; " how pressed you must be to want to come so soon. "

" I cannot help it—pray, remain quiet a moment, or I shall spend. "

" What a big thing—how much can you do? "

Clement stopped and whispered something into the girl's ear, which I could not catch.

" Oh, how delicious, but it is incredible. "

" No, it is true, only give me the chance. Come, I am longing to prove it to you, pretty one—see this! I must fuck you! "

He shook the monstrous penis, as he stood in front of her. Then, bending it down, he suddenly let it go. It sprung up, and as it did so, the skin went back of its own accord, and the big red nut came out with the hand-open urethra exuding a drop of semen.

It was close below Bella's face. She was sensible of a faint, sensuous odour, which came up from it and in-creased the disorder of her sense. She continued to finger and play with it.

" Stop, I entreat you, my darling, or you will waste it in the air, " Bella remained quiet a few seconds. Her warm band still clasped as much as she could of Clement's prick. He amused himself meanwhile in moulding her young breasts, and in working his fingers up and down in her moist cunt.

The play made her wild. Her clitoris grew hot and prominent; her breathing became hard and her pretty face flushed with longing.

Harder and harder grew the nut, it shone like a ripe plum. Bella's was crimson with desire; she furtively regarded the ugly man's naked and hairy belly—his brawny thighs, thickly covered also with hair like an ape. His great cock, each moment more swollen, menaced the skies, and caused her indescribable emotions.

Excited beyond measure, she wound her white arms around the stout figure of the great brute and covered him with rapturous kisses. His very ugliness increased her libidinous sensations.

" No, you must not waste it, I cannot let you waste it, " and then, pausing for a second, she moaned with a peculiar articulation of pleasure, and lowering her fair head, opened her rosy mouth, and instantly received as much of the lascivious morsel as she could cram into it.

" Oh! how nice; how you tickle—what—what pleasure you give me. "

" I will not let you waste it. I will swallow every drop, " whispered Bella, raising her mouth for a moment from the glistening nut.

Then again sinking her face forward, she pressed her pouting lips upon the big dp, and parting them gently and delicately, received the orifice of the wide urethra between them.

" Oh, Holy Mother! " exclaimed Clement, " this is heaven! How I shall spend? Good Lord? how you tickle and suck. "

Bella applied her pointed tongue to the orifice and licked it all round.

" How nice it tastes; you have already let out a drop or two. "

" I cannot continue, I know I cannot, " murmured the Priest, pushing forward and tickling with his finger at the same time the swollen clitoris that Bella put within his reach. Then she retook the head of the great cock again between her lips, but she could not make the whole of the nut enter her mouth, it was so monstrously large.

Tickling and sucking—passing back in slow delicious movements the skin which surrounded the red and sensitive ridge of his tremendous thing, Bella now evidently invited the result she knew could not long be delayed.

" Ah, Holy Mother! I am almost coming; I feel—I—Oh! oh! now suck. You've got it. "

Clement lifted his arm in the air, his head fell back, his legs straddled wide apart, his hands worked convulsively, his eyes turned up, and Bella felt a strong spasm pass through the monstrous cock. The next moment she was almost knocked backwards by a forcible gush of semen, which rushed spouting in a continuous stream from his genitals, and flew in torrents down her gullet.

In spite of all her wishes and endeavours, the greedy girl could not avoid a stream issuing from the corners of her mouth while Clement, beside himself with pleasure, kept pushing forward in sharp jerks, each one of which sent a fresh jet of spunk down her throat. Bella followed all his movements, and held fast hold of the streaming weapon until all was done.

" How much did you say? " muttered she, " one tea-cup full—there were two. "

" You beautiful darling, " exclaimed Clement, when at last he found breath. " What divine pleasure you have given me. Now it is my turn, and you must let me examine all I love in those little parts of yours. "

" Ah, how nice it was; I am nearly choked. " cried Bella. " How slippery it was, and, oh, goodness, what a lot! "

" Yes. I promised you plenty, my pretty one, and you so excited me that I know you must have received a good dose of it. It ran in streams. "

" Yes, indeed it did. "

" Now I am going to suck your pretty cunt, and fuck you deliciously afterwards. "

Suiting the action to the word, the sensual Priest threw himself between Bella's milk white thighs, and thrusting his face forward, plunged his tongue between the lips of the pinky slit. Then rolling it around the stiffened clitoris, he commenced a titillation so exquisite that the girl could hardly restrain her cries.

" Oh, my goodness. Oh, you suck my life out. Oh! I am—I am going off. I spend! " and, with a sudden forward movement towards his active tongue, Bella emitted most copiously upon his face, and Clement received all he could catch in his mouth with the delight of an epicure.

At length the Priest arose; his big weapon which had scarcely softened, had now resumed its virile tension, and stuck out from him hi a terrible erection. He positively snorted with lust, as he regarded the beautiful and willing girl.

" Now I must fuck you, " said he, as he thrust her towards the bed. " Now I must have you, and give you a taste of this cock in your little belly. Oh, what a mess there'll be! "

Hastily throwing off his cassock and nether garments, he compelled the sweet girl like-wise to denude herself of her chemise, and then the great brute, his big body all covered with hair and brown as a mulatto, took the lily form of the beautiful Bella in his muscular arms and tossed her lightly on the bed. Clement regarded for a moment her extended figure as, palpitating with mingled desire and terror, she awaited the terrible onslaught; then he looked complacently upon his tremendous penis, erect with lust, and hastily mounting, threw himself upon her, and drew the bed-clothes over him.

Bella, half-smothered beneath the great hairy brute, felt his stiff cock interposed between their bellies. Passing down her hand, she touched it again.

" Good heavens! what a size, it will never go into me. "

" Yes, yes—we will get in, all of it, up to the balls, only you must help, or I shall probably hurt you. "

Bella was saved the trouble of a reply, for the next moment an eager tongue was in her mouth and almost choking her.

Then she became aware that the Priest had raised himself slightly, and that the hot head of his gigantic cock was pressing inwards between the moist lips of her little rosy slit.

I cannot go through the gradations of that preliminary conjuncture. It was full ten minutes in the accomplishment, but in the end ungainly Clement lay buried to the balls in the pretty body of the girl, while with her soft legs raised and thrown over his brawny back she received his lascivious caresses, as he gloated over his victim and commenced those lustful movements with the intention of ridding him-self of his scalding fluid.

At least ten inches of stiff nervous muscle lay soaking and throbbing in the little girl's belly, while a mass of coarse hair pressed the battered and delicate mount of poor Bella.

" Oh, my! Oh! my, how you hurt, " moaned she. " My Good! you are splitting me up. "

Clement moved.

" I can't beat it—you are too big, indeed. Oh! take it out. Ah, what thrusts. "

Clement pushed mercilessly two or three times.

" Wait a second, my little devil, until I smother you with my spunk. Oh, how tight you are. How you seem to suck my cock,—There, it's in now, You have it all. "

" Oh, mercy. "

Clement thrust hard and rapidly—push followed push—he squirmed and writhed on the soft figure of the girl. His lust rose hot and furious. His huge penis was strained to bursting in the intensity of his pleasure, and tickling, maddening delight of the moment.

" Ah, now I am fucking you at last. "

" Fuck me, " murmured Bella, opening still wider her pretty legs, as the intensity of the sensations gained upon her. " Oh, fuck me hard—harder, " and with a deep moan of rapture she deluged her brutal ravisher with a copious discharge, pushing upwards at the same moment to meet a dreadful lunge. Bella's legs were jerked up and down, while Clement thrust himself between, and forced his long, hot member in and out in luscious movements. Soft sighs, mingled with kissings from the set lips of the lusty intruder, occasioned moans of rapture, and the rapid vibrations of the bedstead all bespoke the excitement of the scene.

Clement needed no invitation. The emission of his fair companion had supplied him with the moistening medium he desired, and he took advantage of it to commence a rapid series of in and out movements, which caused Bella as much pleasure as pain.

The girl seconded him with all her power. Gorged to repletion, she heaved and quivered beneath his sturdy strokes. Her breath came in sobs, her eyes closed in the fierce pleasure of an almost constant spasm of emission.

The buttocks of her ugly lover opened and shut, as he strained himself at every lunge into the body of the pretty child.

After a long course he paused a moment.

" I can't hold any longer, I'm going to spend. Take my spunk, Bella, you will have floods of it, pretty one. "

Bella knew it—every vein in his monstrous cock was swollen to its utmost tension. It was insupportably big. It resembled nothing so much as the gigantic member of an ass.

Clement began to move again—the saliva ran from his mouth; with an ecstatic sensation. Bella awaited the com-ing seminal shower.

Clement gave one or two short, deep thrusts, men groaned and lay still, only quivering slightly all over.

Then a tremendous spout of semen issued from his prick and deluged the womb of the young girl. The big brute buried his head in the pillows and forced himself in with his feet against the bedstead end.

" Oh, the spunk, " screamed Bella " I feel it. What streams, Oh, give it me. Holy Mother! What pleasure it is! "

" There, there, take that, " cried the Priest, as once more at the first rush of semen into her, he pushed wildly up her belly, sending at each thrust a warm squirt of semen into her.

" There, there. Oh, what pleasure! "

Whatever had been Bella's anticipations, she had had no idea of the immense quantity this stalwart man could discharge. He pumped it out in thick masses, and splashed it into her very womb.

" Oh, I am spending again, " and Bella sank half-fainting beneath the strong man, while his burning fluid continued still to dart from him in viscid jets.

Five times more that night Bella received the glutinous contents of Clement's big balls, and had not daylight warned them it was time to part, he would have recommenced.

When the astute Clement cleared the house, and hastened, as the day broke, to his humble quarter, he was forced to admit he had had his belly full of pleasure, even as Bella had had her belly full of spunk. As for that young lady, it was lucky for her that two protectors were incapacitated, or they must have discovered in the painful and swollen condition of her young parts, that an interloper had been trespassing on their preserves.

Youth is elastic—everyone says so. Bella was young and " very elastic. " If you had seen Clement's immense machine you would have said so. Her natural elasticity enabled her not only to sustain the introduction of this battering-ram, but also in about a couple of days to feel none the worse for it.

Three days after this interesting episode Father Ambrose returned. One of his first cares was to seek Bella. He found her, and invited her to follow to a boudoir.

" See, " cried he producing his tool, inflamed and stand-ing at attention, " I have had no amusement for a week, my cock is bursting, Bella, dear. "

Two minutes later her head was reclining on the table of the apartment, while, with her clothes thrown completely over her head, and her swelling posteriors fully exposed, the salacious Priest regarded her round buttocks, and slapped them vigorously with his long member. Another minute and he had pushed his instrument into her from behind, until his black frizzly hair pressed against her bottom. Only a few thrusts brought from him a gush of spunk, and he sent a shower up to her waist.

The good Father was too much excited by long abstinence to lose his rigidity, but drawing down his stalwart tool, he presented it, all slippery and smoking, at the tight little entrance between those delicious buttocks. Bella favoured him, and well-anointed as he was, he slipped in, and gave her another tremendous dose from his prolific testicles. Bella felt fervent the discharge, and welcomed the hot spunk, as he discharged it up her bowels. Then he turned her over on the table, and sucked her clitoris for a quarter of an hour, making her discharge twice in his mouth, at the end of which time he employed her in the natural way.

Then Bella went to her chamber and purified herself, and, after a slight rest, put on her walking dress and went out.

That evening Mr. Verbouc was reported worse, the attack had reached regions which caused serious anxiety to his medical attendant. Bella wished her uncle a good night and retired.

Julia had installed herself in Bella's room for the night, and the two young friends, by this time well-enlightened as to the nature and properties of the male sex, lay exchanging ideas and experiences.

" I thought I was killed, " said Julia, " when Father Ambrose pushed that great ugly thing of his up my poor little belly, and when he finished I thought he was in a fit, and could not understand what that slippery warm stuff could be which kept splashing into me, but, oh! "

" Then my dear, you commenced to feel the friction on that sensitive little thing of yours, and Father Ambrose's hot spunk spurted all over it. "

" Yes, that it did. I am always smothered, Bella, when he does it. "

" Hush! What was that? "

Both the girls sat up and listened. Bella, better accustomed to the peculiarities of her chamber than Julia could be, turned her attention to the window. As she did so, the shutter gradually opened, and there appeared a man's head.

Julia saw the apparition, and was just about to scream, when Bella motioned her to keep silence.

" Hush! Don't be alarmed, " whispered Bella, " he won't eat us, only it's too bad to disturb one in this cruel fashion. "

" What does he want? " asked Julia, half hiding her pretty head under the clothes, but keeping a bright eye all the time upon her intruder.

All this time the man was preparing to enter, and having sufficiently opened the shutter he squeezed his large figure through the opening, and alighting on the middle of the floor, disclosed the bulky form and ugly sensual features of Father Clement.

" Holy Mother! a Priest, " exclaimed Bella's young visitor, " and a fat one, too. Oh! Bella, what does he want? "

" We shall soon see what he wants, " whispered the other.

Meanwhile Clement had approached the bed.

" What? Is it possible? a double treat, " he exclaimed; " delightful Bella, this is indeed, an unexpected pleasure. "

" For shame, Father Clement, " Julia had disappeared under the bed-clothes.

In two minutes the Priest had stripped himself of his raiment, and without so much as waiting for an invitation, darted in the bed.

" Oh, my! " cried Julia, " he's touching me. "

" Ah, yes, we shall both be touched, that is certain, " murmured Bella, as she felt Clement's huge weapon pressing close up to her back. " What a shame for you to come in here without any permission. "

" Shall I go then, pretty one? " said the Priest, putting his stiff tool into Bella's hand.

" You may stay, now you're here. "

" Thank you, " whispered Clement lifting one of Bella's legs, and inserting the big head of his cock from behind.

Bella felt the thrust and mechanically seized Julia round the loins.

Clement thrust once more, but Bella, with a sudden bound, jerked him out. Then she rose, turned back the clothes, and exposed both the hairy body of the Priest, and also the fairy form of her companion.

Julia turned instinctively, and there, right under her nose, was the stiff and standing penis of the good Father, looking ready to burst with the luxurious proximity in which its owner found himself.

" Touch it, " whispered Bella.

Nothing daunted, Julia gripped it in her little white hand.

" How it throbs! It is getting bigger and bigger, I declare. "

" Swing it down, " murmured Clement; so—oh! lovely! "

Both girls now sprang out of bed, and eager for the fun, commenced stroking and skinning the Priest's huge penis, until he was almost with his eyes turned up, and a slight convulsive spending.

" This is heaven! " said Father Clement movement of his fingers, which betokened his pleasure.

" Stop now, darling, or else he'll spend, " remarked Bella, assuming an air of experience, to which no doubt, her previous acquaintance with the monster she considered fairly entitled her.

But Father Clement himself was in no humour to waste his shot, while two such pretty targets were ready for his aim. During the fingering to which the girls subjected his cock, he had remained impassive, but now, gently drawing the young Julia towards him, he deliberately raised her chemise and exposed all her secret beauties to view. He allowed his eager hands to pat and mould her lovely buttocks and thighs and opened with his thumbs her rosy chink; he thrust his lewd tongue within, and sucked exciting kisses from her very womb.

Julia could not remain insensible under such treatment, and when at last, trembling with desire, and rampant with lust, the daring Priest threw her back upon the bed, she opened her young thighs and let him see the crimson lining of her tight-fitting slit. Clement got between her legs, and throwing them up, he touched with the big top of his member the moistened lips. Bella now assisted, and taking the immense penis in her pretty hand, skinned it back and presented the tip fairly at the orifice.

Julia held her breath and bit her lip. Clement gave a hard thrust. Julia, brave as a lioness, held firm. In went the head, more thrusts, more pressures, and in less time than it takes to write it, Julia was gorged with the Priest's big member.

Once fairly in possession of her body, Clement commenced a regular series of deep thrusts, and Julia, with indescribable sensations, threw back her head and covered her face with one hand, while with the other she clasped Bella's wrist.

" Oh! it is enormous; but what pleasure he is giving me! "

" She's got it all; he is in up to his balls, " exclaimed Bella.

" Ah! how delicious! She'll make me spend—I can't help it. Her little belly is like velvet. There, take that— " .

Here followed a desperate thrust.

" Oh! " from Julia.

Presently, a fantasy seized the salacious giant to gratify another lecherous idea, and carefully drawing his smoking member out of little Julia's tight parts he pushed himself between Bella's legs, and lodged it in her delicious slit.

Up her young cunt went the big throbbing thing, while the owner slobbered out the ecstasy his exercise was giving him.

Julia looked on with amazement at the apparent ease with which the Father thrust his huge prick up into the white body of her friend.

After a quarter of an hour spent in this amatory position, during which Bella twice hugged the Father to her breast and emitted her warm tribute upon the head of his enormous yard, Clement once more withdrew, and sought to ease himself of the hot spunk which was consuming him in the delicate person of the little Julia.

Taking that young lady in his arms, he once more threw himself upon her body, and, without much difficulty, pressing his burning prick upon her soft cunt, he prepared to deluge her interior with his wanton discharge.

A furious shower of deep and short pushes ensued, at the end of which Clement, with a loud sob, pressed deeply into the delicate girl, and commenced to pour a perfect deluge of semen into her. Jet after jet escaped from him, as, with upturned eyes and trembling limbs, the ecstasy seized upon him.

Julia's feelings were roused to the full, and she joined her ravisher in the final paroxysm with a degree of fierce rapture no flea can describe.

The orgies of that lascivious night are past my powers of description. No sooner had Clement recovered from his first libation, than in the grossest language he announced his intention of enjoying Bella, and immediately attacked her with his redoubtable member.

For a full quarter of an hour he lay buried to the hairs in her belly, spinning out his enjoyment until Nature once more gave way, and Bella received his discharge in her womb.

Clement produced a cambric handkerchief, on which he wiped the streaming cunts of the two beauties. The two girls now took his member in their united grasp, and with tender and lascivious touches so excited the warm temperament of the Priest, that he stood again with a force and virility impossible to describe. His huge penis, made red and more swollen by his previous exercise, menaced the pair as they pawed it first in this direction and then in that.

Several times Bella sucked the hot tip and tickled the open urethra with her pointed tongue.

This was evidently a favourite mode of enjoyment with Clement, and he quickly pushed as much of the big plum into the girl's mouth as he could insert.

Then he rolled them over and over, naked as they were born, glueing his fat lips to their reeking cunt in succession.

He smacked and moulded their round buttocks, and even pushed his finger up their bottom-holes.

Then Clement and Bella between them persuaded Julia to allow the Priest to insert the apex of his penis into her mouth, and after a considerable time spent in tickling and exciting the monstrous cock, he ejected such a torrent down the girl's throat and gullet that it nearly choked her.

A short interval ensued, and once more the unwonted enjoyment of two such tempting young and delicate girls roused Clement to his full vigour.

Placing them side by side he thrust his member alternately into each, and after a few fierce movements with-drew and entered the one unoccupied. Then he lay on his back, and drawing the girls upon him, sucked the cunt of one, while the other lowered herself upon his big prick, until their hairs met. Again and again he spouted into them his prolific essence.

The dawn alone put an end to the monstrous scene of debauchery.

But while such scenes as this were passing in the house, a very different one was rapidly approaching in the chamber of Mr. Verbouc, and when, three days afterwards, Ambrose returned from another absence, it was to find his friend and patron at the point of death.

A few hours sufficed to end the life and experiences of this eccentric gentleman.

After his decease, his window, never very intellectual, began to develop symptoms of insanity; in the paroxysm of which she perpetually called for the Priest, and when an aged and respectable Father had on one occasion been hastily summoned, the good lady indignantly denied that he could be an ecclesiastic, and demanded " the one with the big tool. "

Her language and behavior having scandalised all, she was incarcerated in an asylum, and there continued her ravings for the big prick.

Bella, thus left without protectors, readily lent ear to the solicitations of her Confessor, and consented to take the veil.

Julia, also an orphan, determined to share her friend's fate, and her mother's consent being readily given, both young ladies were received into the arms of Holy Mother Church upon the same day, and when the novitiate was past, both accordingly took the vows and the veil.

How those vows of chastity were kept, it is not for me, a humble flea, to dilate upon. I only know that after the ceremony was over, both girls were privately conveyed to the seminary, where some fourteen Priests awaited them.

Hardly allowing the new devotees the necessary time to divest themselves of their clothing, the wretches, furious at the prospect of so rich a treat, rushed upon them, and one by one satisfied their devilish lust.

Bella received upwards of twenty fervent discharges in every conceivable fashion; and Julia, hardly less vigorously assailed, at length fainted under the exhaustion caused by the rough treatment she experienced.

The chamber was well secured, no interruption was to be feared, and the sensual Brotherhood, assembled to do honour to the recently admitted sisters, revelled in their enjoyment to their heart's content.

Ambrose was there, for he had long seen the impossibility of attempting to keep Bella to himself, and, moreover, feared the animosity of his " confreres. "

Clement was of the party, and his enormous member made havoc of the young charms he attacked.

The superior also had now the opportunity of indulging his antiphysical tastes; and not even the recently deflowered and delicate Julia escaped the ordeal of his assault.

She had to submit, and with indescribable and hideous emotions of pleasure, he showered his viscid semen into her bowel.

The cries of those who discharged, the hard breathing of those labouring in the sensual act, the shaking and the groaning of the furniture, the half-uttered, half-suppressed conversation of the lookers on, all tended to magnify the libidinous monstrosity of the scene, and to deepen and render yet more revolting the details of this ecclesiastic pandemonium.

Oppressed with these ideas, and disgusted beyond measure at the orgies, I fled. I never stopped until I had put some miles between myself and the actors in the hateful drama, nor have I since cared to renew my familiarity with either Bella or Julia.

That they became the ordinary means of sensual gratification to the inmates of the seminary, I know. No doubt the constant and vigorous sensual excitement they endured, tended very soon to break up those beautiful young charms which had so worked upon me. Be that as it may; my task is done, my promise is performed, my memoir is ended, and if it is out of the power of a Flea to point a moral, at least it is not beyond his ability to choose his own pastures.

Having had quite enough of those of which I have discoursed, I did as many are doing, who, although not Fleas, are, nevertheless as I reminded my readers in the commencement of my narrative, Bloodsuckers; —I emigrated.