The Autobiography of a Flea/Chapter 9

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When Bella related the result of her interview with Mr. Delmont that evening a low chuckle of delight escaped the lips of her two conspirators. She said nothing, however, of the young rustic she had encountered by the way. With that part of the day's performances she considered it quite unnecessary to trouble either the astute Father Ambrose, or her no less sagacious relative.

The plot was evidently about to thicken. The seed so discreetly sown would certainly fructify, and as Ambrose thought of the delicious treat which would certainly some day be his in the person of the beautiful young Julia Delmont, his spirits rose, and his animal passions fed by anticipation on the tender dainties hereafter to be his, until the result became visible in the huge distension of his member and the excitement which his whole manner betrayed.

Nor was Mr. Verbouc less touched. Sensual to the last degree, he promised himself a luscious repast on the newly opened charms of his neighbour's daughter, and the thought of the treat to come acted equally on his nervous temperament.

There were yet some details to arrange. It was clear that the simple Mr. Delmont would come to feel his way as to the truth of Bella's assertions respecting her Uncle's willingness to sell her maidenhead.

Father Ambrose, whose knowledge of the man had led him to suggest the idea to Bella, knew well with whom he was dealing—indeed, who did not exhibit his inmost nature to his holy man in the sacred right of confession that had the privilege to count him their confessor.

Father Ambrose was discreet, he faithfully observed the silence enjoined by his religion, but he made no scruple to use the facts he thus acquired for his own ends—and what those were the reader by this time knows as well as I did.

Thus the plot was arranged. Upon a certain day to be agreed upon, Bella was to invite her friend Julia to pass the day with her at her Uncle's house, and Mr. Delmont, it was intended, should be instructed to come and fetch her home. After a certain interval of flirtation between him and the innocent Bella, all being explained to him and previously arranged she was to withdraw, and under the pretext that it was absolutely necessary that some such precaution should be taken in order to avoid the possibility of scandal, she was to be presented to him in a convenient chamber recumbent upon a lounge, where her beautiful body and charms were to be at his disposal, while her head remained concealed behind a carefully closed curtain. Thus, Mr. Delmont, eager for the tender encounter, could snatch the jewel he coveted from the lovely victim, while she—ignorant of who her assailant might be—could never there-after accuse him of the outrage or feel shame in his presence.

Mr. Delmont was to have all this explained to him, and his acquiescence was considered certain, only one reservation was intended:No one was to tell him that his own daughter was to be substituted in Bella's place. He would only know that when too late.

Meanwhile Julia was to be gradually prepared in secret for what was to take place, no mention, of course, being made of the final catastrophe, or the real participator in it.

But here Father Ambrose felt himself at home, and by means of well directed enquiries, and at great deal, of unnecessary explanation in the confessional, he soon brought the young girl to the knowledge of things of which she had never previously dreamed; all which Bella. took care to explain and confirm.

All these matters had been finally disposed of in conference, and the consideration of the subject had pro-duced by anticipation so violent an effect upon the two men, that they were now in train to enjoy their present good fortune in the possession of the fair young Bella with an amount of ardour they had never surpassed.

My young lady, on her side, was nothing loth to lend herself to their fantasies, and as she now sat or lay back on the soft lounge with a stiff standing member in either hand, her own emotions rose proportionately, until she longed for the vigorous embraces she knew were about to follow.

Father Ambrose, as usual, was the first. He turned her round, placed her on her belly, and directing her to extend her plump white buttocks as far back as possible, he stood for a moment contemplating the delicious prospect and the small and delicate slit which was just visible below. His weapon, redoubtable as well provided with nature's essence, rose fiercely and menaced either entry into love's delightful shades.

Mr. Verbouc, as before, disposed himself to witness the disproportionate assault, with the evident intention of enjoying his favourite role afterwards.

Father Ambrose regarded, with a lecherous expression, the white and rounded promontories straight in front of him. The clerical tendencies of his education were exciting him to commit an infidelity to the Goddess, but the knowledge of what was expected of him by his friend and patron restrained him for the time.

" Delays are dangerous, " said he, " my balls are very full, the dear child must have their contents, and you, my friend, must delight yourself with the abundant lubrication with which I shall provide you. "

Ambrose, on this occasion at least, spoke nothing but the truth. His huge weapon, surmounted by the dull purple head, the broad proportions of which resembled the glowing ripeness of some fruit, stood stiffly up towards his navel, and his immense testicles, hard and round, appeared surcharged with the venomous liquor they were aching to discharge. A thick, opaque drop—an " avant-courrier " of that gush which was to follow—stood on the blunt apex of his penis, as, bursting with luxury, the satyr approached his prey.

Hastily bending down the stiff shaft, Ambrose put the big nut between the lips of Bella's tender slit and all anointed as it was, commenced to push it up her.

" Oh, how hard! How large you are! " cried Bella; " you hurt me; it is going in too far. Oh! stop! "

As well might have Bella appealed to the wind. A rapid succession of thrusts, a few pauses at intervals, more efforts, and Bella was impaled.

" Ah, " exclaimed the ravisher, turning in triumph to his coadjutor, while his eyes sparkled and his lewd mouth watered with the pleasure he was having. " Ah, this is luscious, indeed; how tight she is, and yet she has it all. I am up her to my balls. "

Mr. Verbouc took a careful survey. Ambrose was right.

Nothing but his two huge balls remained visible of his genitals, and they were pressing close up between Bella's legs.

Meanwhile Bella felt the heat of the invader in her belly. She was sensible of the skinning and uncovering of the huge head within her, and instantly her lewdest emotions overtaking her, with a faint cry, she spent profusely.

Mr. Verbouc was delighted.

" Push! push! " said he, " she likes it now, give it her all—push! "

Ambrose needed no such incentive; seizing Bella round the hips, he buried himself in her at each bound. The pleasure rose upon him fast; he drew back, until he withdrew his smoking penis, all except the nut, and then lunging forward, he emitted a low groan, and squirted a perfect deluge of hot fluid into Bella's delicate body.

The girl felt the warm and trickling stuff shooting violently up her, and once more gave down her tribute. The great pushes which now came slopping into her vitals from the powerful stores of Father Ambrose, whose singular gift in this particular I have before explained, caused Bella the liveliest sensations, and she experienced the keenest pleasure during his discharge.

Scarcely had Ambrose withdrawn, than Mr. Verbouc took possession of his niece, and commenced a slow and delicious enjoyment of her most secret charms. After an interval of fully twenty minutes, during which time the salacious Uncle revelled in pleasure to his heart's content, he completed his gratification in a copious discharge, which Bella received with throbs of delight, such as no other than a thoroughly prurient mind could relish.

" I wonder, " said Mr. Verbouc, after he had regained breath and refreshed himself with a large draught of rich wine. " I wonder how it is this dear child inspires me with such overwhelming rapture. In her arms I forget myself and all the world. The present intoxication of the moment carries me with it, and I enjoy I know not what of ecstasy. "

The observation, or reflection, call it what you will, of the Uncle, was partly addressed to the good Father, and, no doubt, was partially the result of interior workings of the spirits which involuntarily rose to the surface and formed themselves into words.

" I could tell you. I think, " said Ambrose sententiously, " only perhaps, you would not follow my reasoning. "

" Explain, by all means, " replied Mr. Verbouc. " I am all attention, and I should of all things like to hear your reason. "

" My reason, or rather, I should say, my reasons, " observed Father Ambrose, " are manifest when you are in possession of my hypothesis. "

Then, taking a pinch of snuff, a habit which the good man usually indulged before delivering himself of any weighty reflections, he continued: " Sensual pleasure must always be proportional to the adaptability of the circumstances which are intended to produce it. And this is paradoxical, because the more we advance in sensuality, and the more voluptuous our tastes grow, the greater becomes necessity that these circumstances should be themselves at variance. Do not misunderstand me; I will try to render myself more clear. Why does a man commit a rape when he is surrounded by woman willing to afford him the use of their bodies? Simply because he is not content to be in accord with the opposite party to his enjoyment, and it is her very unwillingness which constitutes his pleasure. No doubt there are instances in which a man of brutal mind, and seeking only his own sensual relief, where it is not possible to find a willing object to his gratification, forces a woman, or a child, to his will, with no other object than his immediate relief of those instincts which madden him, but search the record of such crimes, and you will find that by far the greater are the result of deliberate design, planned and executed in the face of obvious and even lawful means of gratification. The opposition to his proposed enjoyment serves to whet his lewd appetite, and the introduction of the feature of crime and violence add a zest to the matter which obtains a firm hold upon his mind. It is wrong, it is disallowed, therefore it is worth seeking, it becomes delicious. Again, what is the reason that a man of vigorous build, and capable of gratifying a fully developed woman, prefers a mere child of fourteen? I answer, because that very disparity affords him delight, gratifies the imagination, and constitutes that exact adaptability of circumstances of which I speak. In effect it is, of course, the imagination which is at work, The law of contrast is constant in this as in all else. The distinction merely of the sexes is not of itself sufficient to the educated voluptuary—there are needed further and special contrasts to perfect the idea he has conceived. The variations are infinite, but still the same law is traceable in all. Tall men prefer short women, fair men dark women, strong men select weak and tender women, and these women are fondest of vigorous and robust partners. Cupid's darts are tipped with incompatibilities and feathered, with the wildest incongruities; none but the inferior animals, the brutes themselves, will copulate indiscriminately with the opposite sex, and even these have their preferences and desires as irregular as those of mankind. Who has not seen the unnatural conduct of a couple of street dogs, or laughed at the awkward efforts of some old cow, who driven to market with the common herd, vents her sensual instincts by mounting upon the back of her nearest neighbour? Thus I respond to your invitation, and thus I give you my reasons for your preference for your niece, for the sweet but forbidden playmate, whose delicious limbs I am now moulding. "

As Father Ambrose concluded, he looked for an instant upon the fair girl, and his great weapon rose to its utmost dimensions.

" Come, my forbidden fruit, " said he, " let me pluck you, let me revel in you to my heart's content. This is my pleasure—my ecstasy—my delirious enjoyment. I will swamp you in spunk, I will possess you in spite of the dictates of society—you are mine, come! "

Bella looked upon the ruddy and stiffened member of her confessor, she noted his excited gaze fixed upon her young body. She knew his intention, and prepared herself to gratify him.

Already had he frequently entered her tender belly and thrust the full length of that majestic penis into her small and sensible parts. Pain at the distension had now given way to pleasure, and young and elastic flesh opened to receive the column of gristle, with only just enough of uneasiness to make her careful in its reception.

The good man looked for a moment upon the tempting prospect before him, then advancing, he divided the rosy lips of Bella's slit, and pushed in the smooth gland of his great weapon, Bella received it with a shudder of mingled emotion.

Ambrose continued to penetrate until, after a few fierce thrusts, he buried his length in her tight young body, and she had him to the balls.

Then followed a series of pushes, of vigorous writhings on one part, and of spasmodic sobs and stifled cries upon the other. If the pleasures of the holy man were intense, those of his youthful playmate were equally ecstatic, and his stiff affair was already well lubricated with her discharge, were, with a groan of intense feeling he once more reached his consummation, and Bella felt a flood of spendings burn violently into her vitals.

" Ah, how you have inundated me, both of you, " said Bella, noticing as she spoke a large pool which covered her legs, and lay upon the sofa-cover between her thighs.

Before either could reply to the observation, a succession of cries made themselves heard in the quiet chamber, and becoming weaker and weaker as they continued, at once arrested the attention of all present.

And here I should acquaint my reader with one or two particulars which hitherto, in my crawling capacity. I have not thought it necessary to mention. The fact is that fleas, although no doubt agile members of society, cannot be everywhere at once, though no doubt they can, and do make up for this drawback by the exercise of an agility rarely equalled by others of the insect tribe.

I ought to have explained, like any human story writer, though, perhaps, with a circumlocution and more veracity, that Bella's aunt, Madame Verbouc, to whom my readers were very cursorily presented in the opening chapter of my history, occupied a chamber to herself in a wing of the mansion, where she spent much of her time, like Madame Delmont, in devotional exercises, and, with a happy disregard of mundane affairs, usually left all the domestic management of the house to her niece.

Mr. Verbouc had already reached the stage of indifference to the blandishments of his better half, and but seldom now visited her chamber or disturbed her repose for purposes of exercising his marital rights.

Madame Verbouc, however, was still young—only thirty-two summers had as yet passed over that pious and devout head—Madame Verbouc was handsome, and the lady had also brought her husband the additional advantage of a considerable fortune.

Madame Verbouc, in spite of her piety, sometimes languished for the more solid comforts of her husband's embraces, and relished with a keen delight the exercise of his rights and his occasional visits to her couch.

On mis occasion Madame Verbouc had retired at her usual early hour, and the present digression is necessary to explain what follows. While this amiable lady, therefore, is engaged in those duties of the toilet which even fleas dare not profane, let us talk of another and no less important personage, whose conduct it will be necessary also to investigate.

Now it happened that Father Clement, whose exploits in the lists of the amorous Goddess we have already had occasion to chronicle, rankled under the fact of the young Bella's withdrawal from the Society of the Sacristy, and knowing well who she was, and where she was to be found, had for some days prowled about the residence of Mr. Verbouc to try and regain possession of so delicious a prize of which it will be remembered the cunning of Ambrose had deprived his " confreres " In this attempt Clement was aided by the Superior, who also bitterly lamented his loss, without, however, suspecting the part that Father Ambrose had played.

On this particular evening Clement had posted himself near the house, and seeing an opportunity, set himself closely to watch a certain window which he made sure was that of the fair Bella.

How vain, indeed, are human calculations! While the forlorn Clement, robbed of his pleasures, was relentlessly watching one chamber, the object of his desires was bathed in salacious enjoyment between her two vigorous lovers in another.

Meanwhile the night advanced, and Clement finding all quiet, contrived to raise himself to the level of the window.

A faint light was burning in the room, by which the anxious " cure " could detect a lady reposing by herself in the full enjoyment of sound slumber.

Nothing doubting of his ability to win Bella to his desires, could he only gain her ear, and mindful of the bliss he had already enjoyed while revelling in her beauties, the audacious scoundrel furtively opened the window and entered the sleeping-chamber. Well wrapped in the flowing frock of a monk, and disguised in its ample cowl, he stole across to the bed; while his gigantic member, already awake to the pleasures he promised himself, stood fiercely up against his hirsute belly.

Madame Verbouc, roused from a pleasant dream, and never doubting but that it was her faithful spouse who thus so warmly pressed her, turned lovingly towards the intruder, and, nothing loath, opened her willing thighs to his vigorous attack.

Clement on his side, equally sure that the young Bella was in his arms, and, moreover, not unwilling to admit his caresses, pushed matters to a crisis, and mounting in hot haste between the lady's legs, brought his huge penis opposite the lips of a well-moistened slit, and fully aware of the difficulties he expected to encounter in so young a girl, thrust violently inwards.

There was a movement, another plunge downwards of his big bottom, a gasp on the part of the lady, and slowly but surely the gigantic mass hard flesh went in, until it was fairly housed. Then, as it passed in for the first time Madame Verbouc detected the extraordinary difference.

This penis was at least double the size of her husband's—to doubt succeeded certainty. In the dim light she raised her head; above was visible, close to her's, the excited visage of the ferocious Clement.

Instantly there were a struggle, a violent outcry, and a vain attempt to disengage herself from her strong assailant.

But come what might, Clement was in full possession and enjoyment of her person. He never paused, but, on the contrary, deaf to her cries, he broke in to his utmost length, and strove, with feverish haste, to complete his horrid triumph. Blind with rage and lust he was insensible to the fact of the opening of the door, of the blows which now rained upon his hinder parts, until with set teeth and the subdued roar of a bull, the crisis seized him, and he poured a torrent of semen into the unwilling womb of his victim.

Then he awoke to the position, and fearing the results of his detestable outrage, he rose in all haste, and withdrawing his foaming weapon, slipped from the bed upon the side opposite his assailant. Dodging as well as he could the cuts which Mr. Verbouc aimed at him and keeping the hood of his frock over his features to avoid detection, he rushed toward the window by which he had entered, then taking a headlong leap he made good his escape in the darkness, followed by the imprecations of the infuriated husband.

We have already stated in a former chapter that Mrs. Verbouc was an invalid, that is, she fancied herself one, and to a person of weak nerves and retiring habits my reader may picture for himself what was likely to be her condition after undergoing so indelicate an outrage. The enormous proportions of the man, his strength, his fury almost killed her, and she lay without consciousness on the couch which had witnessed her violation.

Mr. Verbouc was not naturally endowed with astonishing attributes of personal courage and when he beheld the assailant of his wife rise satisfied from the pursuit, allowed Clement to retreat in peace.

Meanwhile Father Ambrose and Bella, following at a respectful distance from the outraged husband, witnessed from the half-opened door the denouement of the strange scene. As soon as the ravisher rose, Bella and Ambrose both instantly recognised him; indeed, the former had had, as the reader knows already, good reason to remember the huge lolling member which dangled dripping between his legs.

Mutually interested in maintaining silence, a look exchanged between them was sufficient to indicate the necessity for reserve, and they withdrew before any movement on the part of the outraged woman betrayed their proximity.

It was several days before poor Mrs. Verbouc was well enough to leave her bed. The shock to her nerves had been dreadful, and nothing but the kind and conciliatory manner of her husband enabled her to hold her up at all.

Mr. Verbouc had his own reasons for letting the matter pass, and he allowed no considerations beyond expediency to weigh with him.

On the day after the catastrophe I have recorded above, Mr. Verbouc received a visit from his dear friend and neighbour Mr. Delmont, and after being closeted with him for over an hour, the two parted with beaming smiles and the most extravagant compliments.

The one had sold his niece, and the other believed he had purchased that precious jewel: A maidenhead.

When Bella's uncle made the announcement that evening that the bargain had been struck, and the affair duly arranged, there was great rejoicing among the conspirators.

Father Ambrose immediately took possession of the maidenhead, and driving in to the girl the whole length of his member, proceeded, as he explained it, to keep the place warm, while Mr. Verbouc, reserving himself, as usual, until his " confrere " had done, afterwards attacked the same mossy fort, as he facetiously expressed it, just to oil the passage for his friend.

Then the whole of the details were finally arranged, and the party broke up, confident in the success of their stratagem.