The Autobiography of a Flea/Chapter 8

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Bella continued to afford me the most delicious of pastures. Her young limbs never missed the crimson draughts which I imbibed, or felt, to any grave inconvenience, the tiny punctures which I was forced most reluctantly to make to obtain my living. I determined, therefore, to remain with her although of late her conduct had become, to say the very least, somewhat questionable, and slightly irregular.

One thing I remarked for certain, and that was that she had lost all feelings of delicacy and maidenly reserve, and lived only now for the delights of sensual gratification.

I was soon satisfied that my young lady had lost nothing of the lesson she had received of her share in the conspiracy in course of preparation. How she played her part I now propose to relate.

It was not long before Bella found herself within the mansion of Mr. Delmont, and, as luck would have it, or shall we say rather as that worthy man himself had expressly designed it, alone with the amatory proprietor.

Mr. Delmont saw his chance, and like a clever general instantly pressed on to the assault. He found his fair companion either wholly innocent of his intention, or else wonderfully willing to encourage his advances.

Already Mr. Delmont had his arm around Bella's waist, while apparently, quite by accident, her soft right hand pressed beneath his nervous palm, lay upon his manly thigh.

What Bella felt beneath showed plainly enough the violence of his emotion. A throb passed quickly through the hard object which lay concealed, and Bella was not without the sympathetic spasm that told of sensuous pleasure.

Gently the amorous Mr. D. drew the girl towards him, and hugged her yielding form. He printed sudden a hot kiss on her cheek, and whispered flattering words to absorb her attention from his proceedings. He essayed more, he gently moved Bella's hand about the hard object, until the young lady perceived that his excitement was likely to become too rapid.

Throughout Bella had firmly adhered to her " role " ; she was coy innocence itself.

Mr. D. , encouraged by the non-resistance of his young friend, proceeded to other and still more decided steps. His wanton hand roved along the edge of Bella's light dress, and pressed her yielding calf. Then, suddenly with a warm and simultaneous kiss on her red lips, he quickly passed his trembling fingers underneath and touched her plump thigh.

Bella recoiled. At any other time she would have gladly flung herself upon her back, and bade him do his worst; but she remembered her lesson, and went on with part to perfection.

" Oh! how rude you are, " cried the young lady, " what a naughty thing—I cannot let you do that. Uncle says nobody must be allowed to touch that—at any rate not without first—— " Bella hesitated, stopped, and looked silly.

Mr. Delmont was curious as well as amatory.

" Without first what, Bella? "

" Oh, I must not tell you. I ought to have said nothing about it; only you, by doing such a rude thing, made me forget. "

" Forget what? "

" Something that my Uncle has often told me, " answered Bella simply.

" What is it? Tell me. "

" I dare not—besides, I do not understand what he means. "

" I will explain it, if you tell me what it was he said. "

" You promise not to tell? "

" Certainly. "

" Well, then, he says I must never let anyone put the hands there, and that whoever wants to do so, must pay well for it. "

" Does he really say that? "

" Yes, indeed he does; he says that I am able to bring him a good round sum in that way, and that there are plenty of rich gentlemen who would pay for that you want to do to me, and he says he is not stupid as to lose such a chance. "

" Really, Bella, your Uncle is a strict man of business. I did not think he was that kind of man. "

" Oh, yes, but he is, " cried Bella. " He is very found of money, you know, in secret; and I know scarcely what he means, but he sometimes says he shall sell my maidenhead. "

" It is possible, " thought Mr. Delmont.

" What a man he must be, what a wonderful eye to business he must have. "

In fact, the more Mr. D. thought about it, the more convinced he became of the truth of Bella's ingenious explanation. She was to be bought. He would buy her; better far that way than to run the risk of discovery and punishment by resorting to a secret liaison.

Before, however, he could do more than revolve these sage reflections in his own mind, an interruption occurred in the arrival of his own daughter Julia, and very reluctantly he had to release his companion and arrange himself with an eye to propriety.

Bella made a rapid excuse and went home, leaving the event to take its chance.

The route taken by my fair young lady lay through several meadows, and along a cartline which emerged into the great highway very near her Uncle's residence.

The time was afternoon, and the day was unusually fine.

The lane had several sudden turnings, and as Bella pursued her way, she amused herself watching the cattle in the neighbouring pastures.

Presently the lane became bordered with trees, the long straight line of trunks divided the roadway from the footpath women had ceased for a moment from their labour of weeding to interchange some interesting ideas.

On the opposite side of the lane was a hedge, and through this Bella saw two animals, a stallion and a mare, the stallion chasing the latter about the ground.

But what startled and surprised Bella most was the wonderful erectioned excitement of a long and grizzly member which hung below the belly of the stallion, and ever and anon sprung up with an impatient jerk against his body.

The mare had evidently remarked it too, for she now stood perfectly quiet with her back towards the horse.

The latter was too pressed by his amorous instincts to dally long beside her, and to the young lady's wonder she beheld the great creature mount up behind the mare and attempt to push his tool into her.

Bella watched with breathless interest, and saw the long swollen member of the horse at length hit the mark and disappear, entirely in the hinder parts of the mare.

To say that her sensual feelings were roused would be but to express the natural result of so salacious an exhibition. She was more than roused; her libidinous instincts were " fired " . She clutched her hands and gazed with interest on the lewd encounter; and when after a rapid and furious course, the animal withdrew his dripping penis, Bella glared upon it with an insane longing to seize it for herself, and handle the great pendant thing for her own gratification.

In this excited frame of mind, she found that some sort of action was necessary to relieve her from the powerful influence which oppressed her. Making a strong effort, Bella turned her head, and at the same moment, taking half a dozen steps forward, came straight upon a sight which certainly had no tendency to allay her excitement.

Right in her path stood a rustic youth of some eighteen years; his handsome but somewhat stupid features were turned towards the meadow where the amorous steeds were disporting themselves. A gap in the back which bordered the roadway afforded him an excellent view, in the contemplation of which he was evidently as much interested as Bella had been.

But what chained the attention of the girl was the state of the lad's clothing, and the appearance of a tremendous member, ruddy and well developed, which, barefaced, and fully exposed, unblushingly raised its fiery crest full in his front.

There was no mistaking the effect the sight in the meadow had produced, for the lad had already unbuttoned his nether garments of coarse material, and had his nervous grasp upon a weapon of which a Carmelite might have been proud. With eager eyes he devoured the scene enacted before him in the meadow, while his right hand skinned the standing column and worked it vigorously up and down, utterly unconscious that so congenial a spirit was witnessing his proceedings.

A start and an exclamation which involuntarily broke from Bella caused him at once to look round, and there, in full view before him stood the beautiful girl, while his nudity and his lewd erection were at the same moment completely exposed.

" Oh, my goodness! " exclaimed Bella, as soon as she could find words, " what a dreadful sight! What a wicked boy; Why, what are you doing with that long red thing? " The boy, abashed, attempted awkwardly to replace in his breeches the object which had provoked the observations, but his evident confusion and the stiffness of the thing itself rendered the operation very difficult, not to say tedious.

Bella came kindly to the rescue.

" What is that? Let me help you—how came it out? How large and stiff it is, what a length it is! My word! what a tremendously big one you've got; you naughty boy—! "

Suiting the action to the word, the young lady laid her delicate little white hand upon the standing penis of the boy, and squeezing it in her soft warm grasp only, of course, made it the more unlikely to re-enter its retreat.

Meanwhile the lad, gradually recovering his stolid presence of mind, and beholding how fair and apparently innocent was his new acquaintance, ceased to betray any desire to assist her in the laudable endeavours to conceal the stiff and offending member. Indeed, it became impossible, even if he had desired it; for no sooner had her grasp closed upon it, than it acquired even larger proportions, while the distended and purple head shone like a ripe plum.

" What a naughty boy! " observed Bella; " whatever shall I do, " she continued, looking archly in the handsome face of the rustic.

" Ah, how nice that is, " sighed the lad— " who could have thought that you were so near me, when I felt so bad, and it first began to throb and swell so just now. "

" This is very, very wicked, " remarked the young lady, tightening her grasp, and feeling the rankling flames of lust rising higher and higher within her; " this is dreadfully wrong and naughty, you know it is, you bad boy. "

" Did you see what those horses were doing in the meadow? " asked the boy, looking wonderingly at Bella, whose beauty seemed to dawn upon his dull mind, as the sun steals over a showery landscape.

" Yes, I did, " replied the girl, innocently, " what were they doing it for—what did it mean? " " It means fucking, " responded the youth, with a lewd grin. " He wanted the mare, and mare wanted the stallion, and so they came together and fucked. "

" Lord, how curious! " exclaimed Bella, looking with the most childish simplicity from the great thing in her hands to the boy's countenance.

" Yes, it was droll, wasn't it? And, my goodness, what a tool he'd got, Miss, hadn't he? " " Immense, " murmured Bella, thinking partly all the time of the thing she was skinning slowly backwards and forwards in her own hand.

" Oh, how you tickle me, " sighed her companion, " what a beauty you are, how deliciously you rub it. Please, go on, Miss, I want to spend. "

" Do you, indeed, " whispered Bella, " shall I make you spend? " Bella saw the stiffened object reddening with the gentle titillation she was giving it, until the plump top looked almost ready to burst. The prurient idea to watch the effect of continued friction took violent possession of her.

She applied herself with redoubled energy to the lewd task.

" Oh, please, yes—go on; it is near coming. Oh! oh! How nice you do it; hold tight—go faster—skin it well down. Now, again. Oh! my goodness. Oh! The long hard tool grew hotter and stiffer, as the little hands flew upon it.

" Ah! ugh! —It's coming! —Ugh! Hoo! " exclaimed the rustic lad, in broken accents, while his knees quivered, his body straightened his head rolled back, and amid contortions and stifled cries his large and powerful penis squirted forth a rapid stream of thick fluid over the dear little hands which, eager to bathe themselves in the warm and slippery flood, now lovingly embraces the big shaft, and coaxed from it the fast out-pouring seminal shower.

Bella, surprised and delighted, pumped out every drop—she would have sucked it, had she dared—and then, drawing out her cambric handkerchief, she wiped the thick and pearly mess from her hands.

Then the youth, abashed and stupid, put up the expiring member, and regarded his companion with a mingled air of curiosity and wonder.

" Where do you live? " at last he found words to enquire.

" Not very far from here, " replied Bella; " but you must not try to follow me, or to find out, you know; if you do, " continued the young lady, " it will be the worse for you, for I shall never do that again, and you would be punished. "

" Why don't we fuck like the stallion, " suggested the youth whose ardour, only half appeased, began again to warm up.

" Some day, perhaps, not now, for I am in a hurry. I am late; I must go at once. "

" Let me put my hand up your clothes? Say, when you will come again? " " Not now, " said Bella, withdrawing herself gradually, " but we will meet again. "

She cherished a lively recollection of the stalwart affair in his breeches.

" Tell me, " continued she, " have you ever—ever fucked. "

" No, but I should like to. Don't you believe me? Well, then—yes, I " How shocking, " exclaimed the young lady.

" Father would like to fuck you, " said he, without hesitation, taking no notice of her movement to depart.

" Your Father! Dreadful. How do you know that? " " Because Father and I fuck the girls together. His tool is not bigger than mine. "

" You say so, But do you really mean that your parent and you do such dreadful things in company? " " Yes, when we get the chance. You should see him fuck. Oh! gum! " and he grinned idiotically.

" You don't seem a clever boy, " said Bella.

" Father's not so clever as me, " replied the lad, widening his grin, and showing his prick, again half stiff. " I know how to fuck now, though I only had it once. You should see me fuck. "

And Bella saw the big stool pointing and throbbing.

" Whom did you do it with then? You naughty boy. "

" A little girl of fourteen? Father and I both fucked her, and split her up. "

" Which of you did it first? " demanded Bella.

" I did, and Father caught me. So then he wanted his go, and made me hold her. You should see him fuck, my gum! "

A few minutes more Bella was again on her way, and searched her house without further adventures.