The Book of Scottish Song/Lord Gregory

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Lord Gregory.

[Written by Burns for Thomson's collection. Peter Pindar (Dr. Wolcot) had previously written verses on the same subject for the same collection. Both songs are founded on the fine old ballad called "The Lass of Lochryan."]

Oh, mirk, mirk is this midnight hour,
And loud the tempests roar;
A waefu' wanderer seeks thy tower,
Lord Gregory, ope thy door.

An exile frae her father's ha',
And a' for loving thee;
At least some pity on me shaw,
If love it may na be.

Lord Gregory, mind'st thou not the grove
By bonnie Irvine side,
Where first I own'd that virgin love
I lang lang had denied?

How aften didst thou pledge the vow,
Thou wad for aye be mine!
And my fond heart, itsel' sae true,
It ne'er mistrusted thine.

Hard is thy heart. Lord Gregory,
And flinty is thy breast!
Thou dart of heaven that flashes by,
Oh, wilt thou give me rest!

Ye mustering thunders from above,
Your willing victim see;
But spare and pardon my false love
His wrongs to heaven and me!