The Bushfighters

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The Bushfighters  (1920) 
by Hugh Pendexter
Extracted from Adventure magazine, October 1920, pp. 3—81. Cover page by Lawrence Harris; title illustration by Hibberd V. B. Kline.

I have taken a liberty with the historical facts furnishing the background of “The Bushfighters,” i.e., the capture of Putnam. He was captured in 1758 and I have recorded it as being in the Fall of '56 for the sake of knitting up the action of the story. For, after all, it is intended for a story, not history.

However, the incidents surrounding his capture and the attempts to roast him ... are facts ... [Notes by the author in the magazines "Camp-fire" section. Head over to the Discussion page to find it in full—including spoilers.]

Cover page of the issue}
The Bushfighters title illus--Adventure 1920-10-18.png

The Bushfighters

A Complete Novel

Hugh Pendexter

Author of
Gentlemen of the North,” “Kings of The Missouri,” etc.

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