The Children's Plutarch: Tales of the Romans

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Introduction (W. D. Howells) vii
Preface xiii
Biographical Note xv
The Twins (Romulus and Remus) 1
What the Forest Lady Said (Numa) 8
Why the Romans Bore Pain (Brutus and Mutius) 16
The Second Founder of Rome (Camillus) 23
The Man Who Waited (Fabius) 30
How a Woman Saved Rome (Coriolanus and Volumnia) 38
The Triumph (Æmilius Paulus) 47
A Roman Undismayed (Marcellus) 55
Cato the Stern 62
The General Who Ate Dry Bread (Marius) 69
The Red General (Sulla) 77
Battle-Fields and Gardens (Lucullus) 84
The Man Who Loved Gold (Crassus) 92
The White Fawn (Sertorius) 100
The Conqueror of Pirates (Pompey) 107
Caesar and His Fortune 114
The Man Who Seldom Laughed (Cato the Younger) 134
Two Noble Brothers (The Gracchi) 140
Tully (Cicero) 147
The Man Who Looked Like Hercules (Antony) 153
Caesar's Friend and Enemy (Brutus) 161
Index 169

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