The Complete Works of Lyof N. Tolstoï

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The Complete Works of Lyof N. Tolstoï  (1899) 
by Leo Tolstoy, translated by Nathan Haskell Dole, Isabel Florence Hapgood and Aylmer Maude

New York: Thomas Y. Crowell & Company.
Original titles, translators and dates (double bound volumes):
Vols. 1-3: War and Peace (Dole: 1889); 4-5: Anna Karenina (Dole: 1886); 5: Childhood, Boyhood and Youth (Hapgood: 1886); 6: The Cossacks (Dole: 1888), Sevastapol (Hapgood 1888), The Invaders and Other Stories (Dole: 1887); 7: A Russian Proprietor and Other Stories (Dole: 1887), Ivan Ilyitch and Other Stories (Dole: 1887); 8: The Long Exile and Other Children Stories (Dole: 1888), Master and Man (Kenworthy and Rapoport: 1895), Kreutzer Sonata (Maude), Dramas (Dole), The Dekabrists (?); 9: My Confession (?), My Religion (?), The Gospel in Brief, What is to be done? (?), Life (Hapgood: 1888); 10: (to be checked) The Kingdom of God is Within You (Maude) What is Art? (Delano) 11: Essays/Letters/Miscellanies (Maude) 12: Resurrection: (L. Maude, 1899), What is Religion? and Other New Articles and Letters (V. Chertkov and A. C. Fifield, 1902)



Albert, vol. xiii, p. 118.
Anna Karenina, vol. vii-ix inclusive.


Beginning of the End, the, vol. xx, p. 70.
Boyhood, vol. x, p. 115.


Candle, a, vol. xiv, 122.
Carthago delenda est, vol. xx, p. 80.
Childhood, vol. x, p. 1.
Church and State, vol. xx, p. 144.
Cossacks, the, vol. xi, p. 1.


Death of Ivan Ilyitch, the, vol. xiv, p. 1.
Dekabrists, the, vol. xvi, p. 171.
Demands of Love, the, vol. xx, p. 172.
Desire Stronger than Necessity, vol. xv, p. 50.
Dialogue among Clever People, a, vol. xv, p. 335.


Early Days, vol. xv, p. 76.
Emigration of the Dukhobors, the, vol. xx, p. 310.


Fables, vol. xv, p. 134.
Family Happiness, vol. xiii, p. 227.
Famine or not Famine, vol. xx, p. 276.
Feast of Enlightenment of January Twenty-fourth, the, vol. xx, p. 108.
First Recollections, vol. xx, p. 166.
First Step, the, vol. xx, p. 523.
From the New Speller, vol. xv, p. 155.
Fruits of Enlightenment, the, vol. xvi, p. 338.


Godson, the, vol. xiv, p. 211.
Gospel in Brief, the, vol. xvii, p. 297.
Guy de Maupassant, vol. xx, p. 477.


Help! vol. xx, p. 304.
Help for the Starving, 227.
How the Little Devil earned a Crust of Bread, vol. xiv, p. 183.
How much Land does a Man need? vol. xiv, p. 193.
How to read the Gospels, vol. xx, p. 158.


In the Midst of the Starving, vol. xx, p. 259.
Industry; or, the Farmer's Triumph, vol. xx, p. 447.
Introduction to A. Stockham's Tokology, vol. xx, 511.

Introduction to the Peasant Stories of S. T. Semenof, vol. xx, p. 509.
Invaders, the, vol. xii, p. 1.


Kholstomer, vol. xii, p. 218.
Kingdom of God is within You, the, vol. xix, p. 1.
Kreutzer Sonata, the, vol. xvi, p. 58.


Letter on the Peace Conference, vol. xx, 344.
Letter to a Non-Commissioned Officer, vol. xx, 351.
Letter to Dr. Eugen Heinrich Schmitt, vol. xx, p. 358.
Letter to Ernest Howard Crosby, vol. xx, p. 324.
Letter to N. N., 431.
Letter to the Liberals, vol. xx, p. 373.
Life, vol. xviii, p. 300.
Long Exile, the, vol. xv, p. 1.
Lost on the Steppe, vol. xii, p. 109.
Lucerne, vol. xiii, p. 66.


Manual Labor an Intellectual Activity, vol. xx, 421.
Master and Man, vol. xvi, p. 1.
Means of helping the Population suffering from Bad Harvests, vol.
xx, p. 203.
Modern Science, vol. xx, p. 513.
My Confession, vol. xvii, p. I.
My Religion, vol. xvii, p. 276.


Neglect a Fire and it Spreads, vol. xiv, p. 89.
Nikolaï Palkin, vol. xx, p. 97.
Nobel's Bequest, vol. xx, p. 317.


Old Acquaintance, an, vol. xii, p. 79.


Patriotism and Christianity, vol. xx, p. 1.
Patriotism, or Peace? vol. xx, p. 335.
Persecution of Christians in Russia, vol. xx, p. 296.
Polikushka, vol. xii, p. 145.
Popular Legends, vol. xiv, p. 183.
Postscript to the life of Drozhin, vol. xx, p. 583.
Power of Darkness, the, vol. xvi, p. 234.
Preface to Amiel's Journal, vol. xx, p. 504.
Prisoner in the Caucasus, a, vol. xiii, p. 331.


Reason and Religion, vol. xx, p. 162.
Recapitulation, a, vol. xvii, p. 417.
Recollections of a Billiard-Marker, vol. xiii, p. 96.
Religion and Morality, vol. xx, p. 389.
Repentant Sinner, the, vol. xiv, p. 187.
Reply to Criticisms, a, vol. xx, p. 362.
Reply to Critics, vol. xx, p. 368.
Russian Proprietor, a, vol. xiii, p. 1.


Scenes from Common Life, vol. xv, p. 82.
Seed as Big as a Hen's Egg, a, vol. xiv, p. 190.
Sequel to the Kreutzer Sonata, vol. xvi, p. 155.
Sevastopol, vol. xi, p. 205.
Shame! vol. xx, p. 90.
Skazka, vol. xiv, 232.
Stop and Think! vol. xx, p. 462.
Stories from Botany, vol. xv, p. 128.
Stories from Physics, vol. xv, p. 99.
Stories of my Dogs, vol. xv, p. 61.
Story of Yemilyan, the, and the Empty Drum, vol. xiv, p. 265.


Tales from Zoölogy, vol. xv, p. 117.
Terrible Question, a, vol. xx, p. 191.
Texts for Woodcuts, vol. xiv, 160.
Thoughts about God, vol. xx, p. 562.

Three Deaths, vol. xiv, p. 72.
Three Hermits, the, vol. xiv, p. 174.
Three Parables, vol. xx, p. 180.
To God or Mammon, vol. xx, p. 114.
Two Hussars, vol. xiii, p. 151.
Two Letters on Henry George, vol. xx, p. 415.
Two Old Men, the, vol. xiv, p. 133.
Two Wars, vol. xx, p. 63.


Understanding of Life is to do Good, the, vol. xvii, p. 411.
Understanding of Life, the, vol. xvii, p. 408.
Unprinted Conclusion, vol. xx, 254.


Walk in the Light while there is Light, vol. xv, p. 340.
War and Peace, vol. i-vi inclusive.
What is Art? vol. xix, p. 345.
What is to be done? vol. xviii, p. 3.
What Men live by, vol. xv, p. 12.
Wherein is Truth in Art? vol. xx, p. 501.
Where Love is, there God is also, vol. xiv, p. 107.
Who should learn Writing of Whom: Peasant Children of Us, or We of Peasant Children? vol. xv, p. 301.
Why do People stupefy themselves? vol. xx, p. 123.
Wood-Cutting Expedition, the, vol. xii, p. 33.


Yasnaya Polyana School, vol. xv, p. 164.
Yermak, the Conqueror of, Siberia, vol. xv, p. 40.
Youth, vol. x, p. 203.

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