The Czechoslovak Review/Volume 2/What the Austrian Germans demand

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From the Prague Venkov, May 26, 1918.

The Executive committee of the German National Socialist Labor Party had a meeting in Vienna on May 21. Deputy Knirsch presided. After the current business of the party had been transacted, resolutions were adopted welcoming the closer alliance with the German Empire. At the same time the resolutions expressed the conviction of the party that only the union of the western Austrian lands, formerly a part of the German Bund, would constitute a satisfactory solution of German-Austrian relations. The resolutions further take up the decree of the Minister of the Interior, Count Toggenburg, breaking up the unity of Bohemia by erecting there twelve administrative districts subject directly to the ministry at Vienna, instead of to the governor of Bohemia. The resolutions look upon this decree as a very indifferent substitute for German demands, upon the fulfillment of which the party must insist, namely the annexation of German-speaking districts of southern Bohemia to Upper Austria, of southern Moravia ot Lower Austria, and of northern Moravia and northeastern Bohemia, together with the industrial district of Moravian Ostrava to Silesia. At the southern end of the monarchy the party is opposed to all attempts to unite the South Slav districts with Croatia; it favors the union of Craotia with Bosnia-Herzegovina, Dalmatia, Montenegro and Western Serbia and as compensation Hungary is to cede to Austria German,-speaking territory in Western Hungary.

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