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Mein, Hon. Charles Stuart, M.A., sometime Puisne Judge, Queensland, was born on June 14th, 1841, at Maitland, N.S.W., and attended Mr. Cape's school, at Darlinghurst, until 1857, when he attended the newly opened Sydney Grammar School. He left the school as captain in 1859, and was a colleague of Sir Samuel Griffith from 1860 to 1862 at the Sydney University, of which he was scholar, and graduated M.A. He became private secretary to the Attorney-General of New South Wales, but left for Queensland in 1867, and became a solicitor of the Supreme Court three years later. On May 19th, 1876, he took his seat in the Legislative Council, and was appointed Postmaster-General and representative in the Council of the Douglas Ministry on July 8th, 1876. He retired with his colleagues in Jan. 1879. In June 1884 Mr. Mein took office in the first Griffith Ministry in his former position as Postmaster-General, which he exchanged in the following January for the newly created post of Secretary for Public Instruction. In April 1885 Mr. Mein quitted Parliament and the Ministry, and was appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court on the death of the late Mr. Justice Pring. Mr. Justice Mein died in June 1890.