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ENGELBRECHTZEN, ĕng'ĕl-breHt-zĕn, Cornelis, Dutch painter: b. Leyden, 1468; d. there, 1533. He was the son of the wood-engraver Engelbert, and the teacher of Lucas, being the earliest known painter in Leyden and the first of his nation to use oil colors. Many of his works were destroyed during the Reformation, and the only two properly authenticated pictures of large size are altarpiece with ‘Crucifixion’ and altarpiece with ‘Pieta,’ Town Hall, Leyden. Doubtfully attributed to him are ‘St. Leonard,’ Antwerp Museum; ‘Crucifixion,’ old Pinakothek, Munich; ‘Deposition,’ Moritz Chapel, Nuremberg; ‘Madonna and Child,’ National Gallery, London; ‘Crucifixion,’ Venice Academy. The Van Leydens were his pupils.