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FERRUCCI, fĕr-roo'chē, Andrea, Italian sculptor: b. Fiesole, 1465; d. 1526. He studied under Francesco di Simone Ferrucci and Michele Maini and in 1512-18 superintended the work on the cathedral at Florence, for which he himself executed a statue of Saint Andrew. His greatest work is a baptismal font at Pistoia. The Fiesole cathedral possesses a marble reredos from his hand and the Bargello, Florence, has a ‘Holy Family.’ Other works of Ferrucci are the tomb of the Saliceti at Bologna, decorations in San Martino, Naples, and the Strozzi tomb in Santa Maria Novella, Florence, begun by him and finished by Casini and Boscoli. His work shows that he was a great admirer of Michelangelo. He excelled in ornamentation.