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FERRY, fĕ'rē, Gabriel, the Younger, French author, dramatist and novelist: b. Paris, 30 May 1846. He is a son of Gabriel the Elder and employs the same pseudonym. At first he was connected with a bank, but soon followed in his father's footsteps and devoted himself to literature. He has written a number of plays, ‘Réginah’ (1874), being one of the best. His miscellaneous prose includes ‘Les dernières années d'Alexandre Dumas’ (Paris 1882); ‘Les patriotes de 1816’ (Paris 1883); ‘Les deux maris de Marthe’ (Paris 1884); ‘Balzac et ses amies’ (Paris 1888); ‘Cap de fex’ (Paris 1889); ‘Les exploits de César’ (Paris 1889); ‘Les exploits de Martin’ (Paris 1890); ‘Les pronesses de Martin Robert’ (Paris 1890) etc.