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HARTMANN, Moritz, Austrian poet and novelist: b. Duschnik, Bohemia, 15 Oct. 1821; d. Vienna, 13 May 1872. He was educated at Prague and Vienna and taught in Vienna till 1844, when he left the country on account of his political liberalism. Upon his return to Austria he was imprisoned but released by the Revolution of March 1848. He sat in the Frankfort Parliament of 1848 but fled from Vienna to escape imprisonment and took part in the ‘Rump Parliament’ at Stuttgart. From 1849-68 he was in voluntary exile in foreign countries; was Paris correspondent of the Kölnische Zeitung and represented it in Crimea during the Russo-Turkish War; in 1860 lectured on German history and letters in the Academy at Geneva; and in 1865 became one of the editors of the Neue Freie Presse. He wrote ‘Kelch und Schwert’ (184S); ‘Neure Gedichte’ (1847); ‘Reimchronik des Pfaffen Marizius’ (1849); ‘Der Krieg um den Wald’ (18S0); ‘Schatten’ (1851); ‘Adam and Eve’ (1851); ‘Tagebuch aus der Provence und Languedoc’ (1853); ‘Briefe aus Irland’; ‘Der Gefangene von Chillon’ (1863); ‘Die letzen Tage eines Königs’ (1866); ‘Nach der Natur’ (1866); ‘Die Diomanten der Baronin’ (1868), etc. His select poems were edited in 1874 and his works in 1873-74 (10 vols.).