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HARTRANFT, här'trănft, Chester David, American educator; b. Frederick Township, Montgomery County, Pa., 15 Oct. 1839. He was educated at the University of Pennsylvania in 1861 and at the New Brunswick Theological Seminary in 1864; was pastor of the Dutch Reformed church at South Bushwick, N. Y., in 1864-66, and of that in New Brunswick, N. J., in 1866-78. In 1879 he was appointed professor of ecclesiastical history at the Hartford Theological Seminary; in 1888 was elected its president, and held the chair of Biblical theology 1892-97 and of ecclesiastical dogmatics from 1897 to 1903. He resigned the presidency in 1903 to engage in literary work in Germany. He was at one time president of the Conservatory of Music at New Brunswick, N. J.