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JAMES, George Wharton, American explorer, ethnologist, lecturer and author: b. Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England, 27 Sept. 1858. He spent many years in making geological and other researches in California and elsewhere in the southwestern United States, is a member of various learned societies in this country and England; was associate editor The Craftsman, 1904-05; editor Out-West, 1912-14, and lecturer at the Panama-Pacific and Panama-California expositions, 1915-16. He published ‘The Lick Observatory’ (1888); ‘Nature Sermons’; ‘Picturesque Southern California’; ‘Missions and Mission Indians of California’; ‘From Alpine Snow to Semi-Tropical Sea’; ‘In and Around the Grand Canyon’ (1900); ‘Indian Basketry’ (1900); ‘The Indians of the Painted Desert Region’ (1903); ‘How to Make Indian and other Baskets’ (1903); ‘Travelers' Handbook to Southern Californa’; ‘In and Out of the Old Missions of California’ (1905); ‘The Story of Scraggles’; ‘The Wonders of the Colorado Desert’ (1906); ‘What the White Race May Learn from the Indian’; ‘Through Ramona's Country’ (1907); ‘The Grand Canyon of Arizona’ (1909); ‘The Hero of California’ (1910); ‘Indian Blankets and their Makers’; ‘California, Romantic and Beautiful’ (1914); ‘The Lake of the Sky, Lake Tahoe’; ‘Our American Wonderlands’ (1915); ‘Living the Radiant Life’; ‘Quit Your Worrying’; ‘Arizona, the Wonderland’; ‘Reclaiming the Arid West’ (1916); ‘Exposition Memories’ (1917); ‘House Blessing and Guest Book’ (1918).