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JAMES, Henry, American Swedenborgian theologian: b. Albany, N. Y., 3 June 1811; d. Cambridge, Mass., 18 Dec 1882. He was educated at Union College and Princeton Theological Seminary, traveled abroad and became a Sandemanian and later a Swedenborgian. He subsequently lived in New York, Newport, R. I., and lastly at Cambridge. Among the most noted of his works on morals and religion are ‘What is the State?’ (1845); ‘Moralism and Christianity’ (1852); ‘Lectures and Miscellanies’ (1852); ‘The Nature of Evil’ (1855); ‘Christianity the Logic of Creation’ (1857); ‘Substance and Shadow’ (1863); ‘The Secret of Swedenborg’ (1869). His ‘Literary Remains,’ edited by William James, appeared in 1885. He was the father of William and Henry James (qq.v.).