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Edition of 1920. See also Charles Martin Loeffler on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

LOEFFLER, lĕf'lėr, Charles Martin Tornov, American musician and composer: b. Mühlhausen, Alsace, 30 Jan. 1861. He was educated in Switzerland, Germany and France, came to America in 1881 and for over 20 years was violinist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Since 1909 he has been director of the Bositon Opera Company. His compositions are remarkable for their technique although lacking in originality. They include ‘Les veillées de l'Ukraine,’ suite for orchestra and violin (1891); ‘Fantastic Concerto’ (1894); ‘Divertimento in A minor,’ for violin and orchestra (1895); the symphonic poem, ‘The Death of Fintagiles,’ for orchestra and viola d'amore (1897); ‘Divertissement Espagnol,’ for orchestra and saxophone (1901); ‘La bonne chanson,’ a symphonic poem; ‘La Villanelle du diable,’ symphonic poem; quartet in A minor, chamber music; ‘Deux Rapsodies,’ for oboe, viola and piano (1901); ‘By the Waters of Babylon,’ Psalm 137, for female chorus (1902); ‘For One Who Fell in Battle,’ chorus for eight parts (1906); ‘Pagan Poem,’ for orchestra and piano, also many songs, transcriptions, etc.