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MIKKELSEN, Ejnar, Danish explorer: b. Vester Brönderslev, Jutland, 20 Dec. 1880. He was a member of the Amdrup expedition to Christian XI Land, East Greenland, in 1900, and in 1901-02 served with the Baldwin-Ziegler expedition to Franz Josef Land. In partnership with Leffingwell he organized an Anglo-American polar expedition in 1906, and succeeded in determining the position of the continental shelf of the Arctic Ocean. His expedition to the north coast of Greenland in 1909-10 resulted in his recovery of the records of the lost explorers Mylius-Erichsen and Höeg-Hagens, and in proving the non-existence of Peary's Channel. Author of ‘Conquering the Arctic Ice’ (London 1909); ‘Lost in the Arctic’ (1913); ‘Mylius-Erichsen's Report on the Non-Existence of Peary's Channel’ (1913), etc.