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PUTLITZ, poot'lĭts, Gustav Heinrich Gans, Edler Herr von und zu, German novelist and poet: b. Retzin, Prussia, 20 March 1821; d. there, 9 Sept. 1890. He was educated at Magdeburg, Berlin and Heidelberg, was engaged in the civil service in 1846-48 and made his début in literary circles by his comedies which aptly portrayed high social life and excelled in humor. In 1863 he was appointed director of the court theatre at Schwerin and his collected dramas were published in 1850-69. His poems were characterized by much beauty and grace and his charming fairy poem ‘Was sich der Wald erzählt’ (1850) was widely circulated. His novels were also popular. Among his publications are ‘Vergissmeinnicht’ (1851); ‘Brandenburgher Geschichten’ (1862); ‘Novellen’ (1863); ‘Funken unter der Asche’ (1871).