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PUTMAN, Emily James Smith, American author and educator, daughter of Justice James C. Smith: b. Canandaigua, 15 April 1865. She was graduated at Bryn Mawr College in 1889 and studied at Girton College, Cambridge University, in 1889-90. She was teacher of Greek at the Packer Collegiate Institute, Brooklyn, in 1891-93; Fellow in Greek at the University of Chicago in 1893-94, and dean of Bernard College in 1894-1900. She was married to George Haven Putman (q.v.) in 1899. She was a trustee of Barnard College in 1900-05, and vice-president and manager of the Women's University Club, New York, in 1907-11. In 1901-04 she was president of the League for Political Education. Author of ‘Selections from Lucian’ (1891); ‘The Lady’ (1910); ‘Greek Religion’ (1913).