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SCHIAVONE, skyä-vō'nā, Andrea (The Slavonian), Italian painter whose original name was Meldolla (Medolla or Medula): b. Sebenico, Dalmatia, probably in 1522; d. Venice, 1582. In youth he was placed with a house-painter in Venice, where in leisure hours he studied the works of Parmegiano, Giorgione and Titian. The latter took him under his care, and later employed him in the library of Saint Mark, where he is said to have painted three entire ceilings. Later he was accounted one of the finest colorists of the Venetian school. Among his works are two parables and two landscapes in the Berlin Museum, ‘Christ before Pilate’ in the Venice Gallery, ‘Christ before Caiaphas’ (Vienna), ‘Parnassus’ (Munich), and numerous other specimens to be seen in collections at Florence, Rome, Naples, Dresden, Paris and Petrograd. His ‘Perseus and Andromeda’ and ‘The Apostles at the Sepulchre’ are in the royal collection at Windsor. He also etched 119 plates, making use of some soft material, probably tin.