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SCHIEDAM, sHē-däm', Netherlands, in the province of South Holland, a seaport near ihe influx of the Schie into the Maas, four miles west of Rotterdam. Of the old walls four gates have been preserved. The town is intersected by numerous canals, and though irregularly built has broad streets and many good houses. Its chief buildings are the Reformed and other churches, a fine exchange, town house, a handsome concert hall, schools of language, art, business, etc., a public library and various hospitals. The principal manufacture is the Geneva gin or Hollands. Prior to the World War there were over 220 grain and other distilleries in constant operation. Other manufactures were linen, thread, copper and iron castings, white lead and litharge, cordage and vinegar. There was considerable traffic in gin, grain and coal. Pop. about 35,166.