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SCHREINER, shrīnēr, Olive (better known by name of Olive Schreiner Cronwright), pseudonym “Ralph Iron,” South African author: b. Basutoland, about 1860. In 1883 appeared “Ralph Iron's” first work, ‘The Story of an African Farm,’ a book of much interest with simple yet forceful pictures, from the Boer country. Further publications are ‘Dreams’ (5th ed., 1893); ‘Dream Life and Real Life’ (1893); ‘Trooper Peter Halket of Mashonaland’ (1897); and ‘An English South African's View of the Situation’ (1899); a critique on the Transvaal difficulty from the pro-Boer position. She was married in 1894 to S. C. Cronwright with whom she published ‘The Political Situation’ (1895).