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SCHREIBER, shrī'bĕr, Sir Collingwood, Canadian railway engineer: b. Essex, England, 14 Dec. 1831. He settled in Canada in 1852 and engaged in engineering practice at Toronto. He was assistant engineer of the Toronto and Hamilton Railway in 1852-56; superintending engineer of the Northern Railway in 1860-62; division engineer for the Nova Scotia government in 1863-67; and in 1867-73 he had charge of the surveys of the Intercolonial Railway and was chief engineer of the government railways in operation. He was appointed chief engineer of the Canadian Pacific in 1880; became chief engineer and Deputy Minister of the Department of Railways and Canals, Ottawa; and in 1905 he was appointed consulting engineer to the Canadian government and chief engineer of the western division of the National Trans-Continental Railway. He was knighted in 1916.