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SCHRADER, Julius, German painter: b. Berlin, 16 June 1815; d. Lichterfelde, 16 Feb. 1900. He studied at the Berlin Academy and at Düsseldorf under Schadow, 1837-45. Subsequently he traveled in Italy, England, Holland and Belgium and in the last country fell under the influence of the colorists Gallait and Biefoe. In 1851 he became professor at the Berlin Academy. Among his chief works are ‘Surrender of Calais to Edward III’ (1847); ‘Frederick the Great after the Battle of Kolin’ (1849); ‘Death of Leonardo da Vinci’ (1851); ‘Milton and His Daughters’ (1855); Cromwell at the Death-Bed of His Daughter’ (1859). In fresco he painted ‘First Twelve Christian Monarchs’ in the Royal Chapel, and ‘Consecration of the Church of Saint Sophia, Constantinople’ in the New Museum, Berlin. Among his portraits are those of Humboldt and Ranke, the historian.