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SIEBOLD, Philipp Franz von, German physician and traveler: b. Würzburg, 1796; d. Munich, 1866. He was a son of a professor of medicine at Würzburg, and there received his education. In 1822 he removed to the Netherlands and became sanitary officer at Batavia, Dutch East Indies. He accompanied the Dutch embassy to Japan in 1823 and remained there until 1830. He made a second visit in 1859-62. His books upon the Japanese, their language, the flora and fauna of the country, etc., did much to make that country known to the world. He published ‘Nippon, Archiv zur Beschreibung von Japan’ (1832); ‘Fauna japonica’ (1833); ‘Flora japonica’ (1835); ‘Bibliotheca Japonica’ (1833-41); ‘Catalogus librorum japonicorum’ (1845); ‘Isagoge in bibliothecam japonicam’ (1841); ‘Epitome linguæ japonicæ’ (1826-53); ‘Floræ japonicæ familiæ naturales’ (1851).