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Edition of 1920. See also William Milligan Sloane on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

SLOANE, William Milligan, American historian: b. Richmond, Ohio, 12 Nov. 1850. He was graduated at Columbia in 1868, studied at the universities of Berlin and Leipzig in 1872-76, acting during much of that time as private secretary to George Bancroft, then United States Minister to Berlin. He was professor at Princeton in 1876-96, edited the Princeton Review in 1886-89 and since 1896 has occupied the Seth Low chair of history at Columbia. He has published ‘Life and Work of J. R. W. Sloane’ (1888); ‘Life of James McCosh’ (1892); ‘The French War and the Revolution’ (1893); ‘Life of Napoleon’ (4 vol., 1897); ‘The French Revolution and Religious Reform’ (1901); ‘Parteiherrschaft in America’ (1913); ‘The Balkans’ (1914); ‘Party Government in America’ (1915), etc.