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WORMELEY, wėrm'lĭ, Katharine Prescott, American author and translator: b. Ipswich, England, 14 Jan. 1830; d. 4 Aug. 1908. She was the daughter of an English rear-admiral and a niece of Com. Edward Preble of the American navy, and came to the United States in girlhood. She was engaged in the relief of Union soldiers during the Civil War and was connected with the United States Sanitary Commission. She was widely known as a translator of Honoré de Balzac's novels in 40 volumes (1883-97); of Molière in 6 vols. (1892); and of the Duc de Saint-Simon's ‘Memoirs’ (20 vols., 1898-1901); and wrote ‘Letters from Headquarters during the Peninsular Campaign’ (1862); ‘The Other Side of War’ (1888); ‘Life of Balzac’ (1892); ‘The United States Sanitary Commission’ (1863).