The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Zephyranthes

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ZEPHYRANTHES, a genus of Liliaceæ, indigenous to the warmer regions of America, and most commonly represented by the atamasco lily. The species are bulbous, and are not hardy in the Northern States, but make charming summer-blooming window and greenhouse plants, resting in the winter. The foliage is linear, springing from the bulb, and a scape, appearing at the same time, is crowned by a regular, three-parted corolla which is nearly, or quite, erect, from one to three inches across, and red, yellow or white. Z. candida is one of the white-flowered species, and is also one of the hardiest and thriftiest. It is a lovely, crocus-like plant, with pure-white blossoms, opening out flat in the sunshine, and evergreen foliage.