The Essence of Christianity

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The Essence of Christianity  (1841) 
by Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach, translated by Marian Evans

Das Wesen des Christenthums (1841)


Preface to the Second Edition
chapter page
I. § 1. The Essential Nature of Man 1
I. § 2. The Essence of Religion considered generally 12
Part I.


II. God as a Being of the Understanding 32
III. God as a Moral Being, or Law 43
IV. The Mystery of the Incarnation; or, God as Love, as a Being of the Heart 49
V. The Mystery of the Suffering God 58
VI. The Mystery of the Trinity and the Mother of God 64
VII. The Mystery of the Logos and Divine Image 73
VIII. The Mystery of the Cosmogonical Principle in God 79
IX. The Mystery of Mysticism, or Nature in God 86
X The Mystery of Providence and Creation out ofNothing 100
XI. The Significance of the Creation in Judaism 111
XII. The Omnipotence of Feeling, or the Mystery of Prayer 119
XIII. The Mystery of Faith—the Mystery of Miracle 125
XIV The Mystery of the Resurrection and of theMiraculous Conception 134
XV The Mystery of the Christian Christ, or the PersonalGod 139
XVI. The Distinction between Christianity and Heathenism 149
XVII The Significance of Voluntary Celibacy andMonachism 159
XVIII. The Christian Heaven, or Personal Immortality 169
Part II.


XIX. The Essential Stand-point of Religion 184
XX. The Contradiction in the Existence of God 196
XXI. The Contradiction in the Revelation of God 203
XXII. The Contradiction in the Nature of God in general 211
XXIII. The Contradiction in the Speculative Doctrine of God 224
XXIV. The Contradiction in the Trinity 230
XXV. The Contradiction in the Sacraments 234
XXVI. The Contradiction of Faith and Love 245
XXVII. Concluding Application 267

1. The Religious Emotions purely Human 275
2. God is Feeling released from Limits 277
3. God is the highest Feeling of Self 278
4. Distinction between the Pantheistic and Personal God 279
5. Nature without interest for Christians 282
6. In God Man is his own Object 284
7. Christianity the Religion of Suffering 287
8. Mystery of the Trinity 288
9. Creation out of nothing 293
10. Egoism of the Israelitish Religion 294
11. The Idea of Providence 295
12. Contradiction of Faith and Reason 300
13. The Resurrection of Christ 304
14. The Christian a Supermundane Being 304
15. The Celibate and Monachism 305
16. The Christian Heaven 313
17. What Faith denies on Earth it affirms in Heaven 315
18. Contradictions in the Sacraments 316
19. Contradiction of Faith and Love 319
20. Results of the Principle of Faith 325
21. Contradiction of the God-Man 332
22. Anthropology the Mystery of Theology 337

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This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.


This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.