The Eurypterida of New York/Volume 2/Explanations of plates/Plate 51

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Stylonurus myops Clarke
Page 300
See plates 52–53

1–5 Very young (nepionic) stages showing broad rimmed carapace with enormous ocular nodes with suboval visual areas, and but few segments. × 30
6 A nepionic individual showing a very large median plate corresponding in form to the metastoma. × 15
7–13 Later (neanic) stages showing the gradual change into the mature form of carapace, the gradual decrease of the size of the eyes and the appearance of the ornamentation [compare next plate]. Figures 7 and 11, × 5; figures 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, × 3
14 A carapace with mature characters. Natural size
Horizon and locality. Shawangunk grit. Otisville, Orange co., N. Y.

The originals are in the State Museum

Memoir 14. N.Y.State Museum. Plate 51.
The Eurypterida of New York plate 51.jpg
G.S.Barkentin del. J.B.Lyon Co. State Printer.