The Eurypterida of New York/Volume 2/Explanations of plates/Plate 52

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Stylonurus myops Clarke
Page 300
See plates 51, 53

1–4 Paratypes showing normal expressions of the carapace. Natural size
5 Young carapace with abnormally round outline and anterior eyes. × 3
6 The only entire specimen observed, dorsal view. Much compressed and poorly preserved. Natural size
7 Type. Carapace and two tergites. Carapace exfoliated; tergites showing the ornamentation. × 3
8 Interior view of carapace showing the broad doublure. × 3
9 Specimen showing a median prolongation in front. × 3
10 The holotype. × 3
11 Interior view of laterally compressed carapace showing frontal marginal row of tubercles. × 3
12 Detached visual area. × 5. The radial lines are wrinkles
13 Compound eye showing semioval form of ocular node and its ornamented surface. Paratype. Natural size
14 Central portion of figure 4 enlarged (× 3) to show form of ocellar mound and extent of visual areas
Horizon and locality. Shawangunk grit. Otisville, Orange co., N. Y.

The originals are in the State Museum

Memoir 14. N.Y.State Museum. Plate 52.
The Eurypterida of New York plate 52.jpg
E.W.C.L. et G.S.B. del. J.B.Lyon Co. State Printer.