The Grammar of Heraldry/Chapter 11

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1205064The Grammar of Heraldry — Achievements of ArmsJohn Edwin Cussans


Having described the various component parts of an achievement of arms, I subjoin for the guidance of the student, a shield with all its exterior ornaments, as would be borne by an. esquire or gentleman. Fig. 189.

Fig. 189.

Cussans-Fig. 189.png

The above diagram would be heraldically described as tricked; that is, simply sketched in outline. The shield in this example is correct in form, and far more becoming than those which I have used in

Fig. 190.

Cussans-Fig. 190.png

the illustrations; though it does not afford so much space for clearly delineating the various charges, for which reason I have not adopted it throughout. The next diagram, Fig. 190, shows another method of representing an achievement. It is very effective and graceful, and strictly in accordance with heraldic