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Index:The Grammar of Heraldry, Cussans, 1866.djvu

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Title The Grammar of Heraldry
Author John Edwin Cussans
Year 1866
Publisher Longmans, Green and Company
Location London
Source djvu
Progress To be proofread
Transclusion Index not transcluded or unreviewed


Introduction 1
The Grammar of Heraldry 6
Dividing Lines 7
Tinctures 9
Metals 10
Colours ib.
Furs 12
Honourable Ordinaries 14
Subordinaries 19
Roundles and Guttæ 23
Varied Tinctures of Fields and Charges 24
Common Charges 26
Descriptive Terms 44
Blazoning 47
Masks of Cadency, or Differences 51
Marshalling 53
Accessories to the Shield
Coronets 56
Helmet 58
Crest, Wreath, and Chapeau 59
Badges 60
Mottoes 61
Supporters ib.
Mantling 62
Augmentations of Honour ib.
Abatements 63
Armes Parlantes 64
Achievements of Arms 65
Hatchments 67
Flags 68
The Degrees of the Nobility and Gentry 72
Illustrations of Arms 77