The Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets/Sir Charles Sidley

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3207137The Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets — Sir Charles SidleyGerard Langbaine

THis Noble Gentleman is yet living, and has been esteem'd a Man of the First Rank of Wit. He writ these three following Plays:

Anthony and Cleopatra, a Tragedy, 4to. 1677. acted at the Duke's Theatre. Plot from Appian, Dion Cassius, Plutarch's Life of M. Anthony.

Bellamira, or, The Mistress; a Comedy, 4to. 1687. acted by his Majesty's Servant. The Ground from Terrence's Eunuchus.

The Mulberry Garden, a Comedy, 4to. 1668. acted at the Theatre Royal, by his Majesty's Servants. This Play is dedicated to her Grace the Dutchess of Richmond and Lenox. Sir John Everyoung, and Sir Samuel Forecastle copied from Molliere's L'Escole de Maris.