The Man of Forty Crowns

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The Man of Forty Crowns  (1906) 
Voltaire, edited by Tobias George Smollett, translated by William F. Fleming

Akron, Ohio: The Werner Company, page 244


Chapter I.—National poverty.

Chapter II.—Disaster of the Man of Forty Crowns.

Chapter III.—Conversation with a geometrician.

Chapter IV.—An adventure with a Carmelite.

Chapter V.—Audience of the comptroller-general.

Chapter VI.—The Man of Forty Crowns marries, becomes a father, and descants upon the monks.

Chapter VII.—On taxes paid to a foreign power.

Chapter VIII.—On proportions.

Chapter IX.—A great quarrel.

Chapter X.—A rascal repulsed

Chapter XI.—The good sense of Mr. Andrew.

Chapter XII.—The good supper at Mr. Andrew's.
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