The Message and Ministrations of Dewan Bahadur R. Venkata Ratnam, volume 2/Chapter 21

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Thou the Lord of our hearts, Thou the sanctified Spouse of all Souls, Thou the resplendent, effulgent Glory ! We come to Thee, we draw near to Thee, we longingly seek Thy holy feet to adore Thee, to be wholly, absolutely, eternally dedicated and consecrated unto Thee. Thou the Charmer of our hearts ; Thou the Enrapturer of our souls ! Our highest happiness, our grandest glory, our sweetest delight and our serenest peace — all, all are found eternally to abide in Thee, haloed with the unquenchable radiance of the stars above and adorned with the unfading beauty of the flowers below. Thou the Prananadha of our hearts, so charming, so captivating, so absorbing unto our hearts ! And in this first dawn of the day, as the world around is reposed in refreshing slumbers, preparing for a newer life, a holier joy, we come here to sing and glorify Thy name, to be once again wedded, espoused, unto Thy Holy Spirit as humble adorers and servants. May we seize Thee, adhere to Thee, have a firm and inseparable hold of Thee, and thus confide in Thee, abide in Thee, surrender ourselves wholly to Thee, this day and every hour and every minute of the day ! Thy living, loving thrilling presence be felt in our hearts, in our homes, in our shrines of worship, in our retreats of meditation, in our jubilant recreations, in our self -disciplining duties, in our cordial conversations, in the enjoyment of our feasts and in the solemnity of our fasts! Dear beloved God! We em- brace Thee, we give ourselves up unto Thee, we would be absorbed into Thy bosom. May we be whole-heartedjy, devoutly, righteously assimilated, assumed into Thee, that we may know no existence but in Thee ! Bless us that, knowing no separation, we may for ever dwell in union with and in Thee! Oh ! Beloved God! Blessed with peace, joy and holiness, may every heart become a holy shrine unto Thee ; may Thy mercy spread out and extend over the whole universe ; and, held together by sweet ties of eternal fellowship, may we realise Thy mercy, reveal Thy mercy — sense Thy mercy,spread Thy mercy — everywhere, all for Thy Glory ! Our good Master, our sovereign Lord, our sacred Spouse, our gracious Saviour, our eternal Companion ! Blessed, blessed, blessed be Thou now and for ever !

Om ! Brahma Kripani Kevalam !
Om ! Santhih ! Santhih ! Santhih !