The Message and Ministrations of Dewan Bahadur R. Venkata Ratnam, volume 2/Chapter 22

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My Father, my Lord, why hast Thou brought this choir to my door? Why hast Thou tended their feet to this deserted, desolate house ? Have they come to torture me or to soothe me, to castigate me or to comfort me, to fan the burning fire or to quench the consuming flame within me ? Thou alone knowest. They have opened the day with the psalm of Thy praise, with the anthem of Thy glory, with the hymn of Thy mercy, with the hosanna of Thy holiness. May they enjoy the day, as they have begun it, in adoring and worshipping Thee !

I thank Thee that Thou dost not forget, Thou dost not abandon, even this outcast, even this vile sinner. Thou followest me, Thou pursuest me, to reclaim me, to regain me, to regenerate me. Thy compelling love, Thy constraining love, Thy conquering love — to that I appeal. The morningstar has risen, but in my heart there is no star, no gleam. Thy light has begun to pervade the world, and yet it reacheth not my heart. Am I a beast of prey or am I a demon, that I alone should recede and retire into darkness as the whole world awakens and advances into light ? Is my heart alone outside Thy kingdom of life and light ? Am T the only exile from the mansions of my Father's house ? Grant, oh grant, I implore Thee, that I too may join the procession or even follow the pilgrims from a distance. May this day be the most glorious in the records of Thy mercy, even as it has brought the first gleam of hope unto this most reprobate sinner ! Thou hast again and again been sung and proclaimed as the avowed, the tireless Champion of the vilest and the most abandoned of sinners. Be the regeneration of this sinner one fresh instance of Thy reclaiming mercy, of Thy saving grace ! Bless these, Thy children, with the richest gifts of the Spirit, and do Thou take a clement, com- passionate view of my own sins and iniquities — many and grave though they be! Thou the pitiful, I the helpless ! I seek shelter at Thy holy feet. Bless Thou the whole world. May the whole world be blessed in Thee !

Om ! Brahma Kripahi Kevalam !