The Mountains

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[Verse 1]
O, proudly rise the monarchs of our mountain land,
With their kingly forest robes, to the sky,
Where Alma Mater dwelleth with her chosen band,
And the peaceful river floweth gently by.

The mountains! the mountains! we greet them with a song,
Whose echoes rebounding their woodland heights along,
Shall mingle with anthems that winds and fountains sing.
'til hill and valley gaily, gaily ring.

[Verse 2]
The snows of winter crown them with a crystal crown,
And the silver clouds of summer round them cling;
The Autumn's scarlet mantle flows in richness down;
And they revel in the garniture of Spring.


[Verse 3]
O, mightily they battle with the storm-king's power;
And the conquerors shall triumph here for aye;
Yet quietly their shadows fall at evening hour,
While the gentle breezes round them softly play.


[Verse 4]
Beneath their peaceful shadows may old Williams stand,
'Til suns and mountains nevermore shall be,
The glory and the honor of our mountain land,
And the dwelling of the gallant and the free.