The National Anthems of the Allies/Russia

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For other versions of this melody, see Russian Hymn.
The National Anthems of the Allies (1917)
Boshe Zaria Chrani! by Alexei Fyodorovich Lvov (tune) amd Vasily Zhukovsky (lyrics), with Florence Attenborough (translation) and Gustave Ferrari (harmony)
1538740The National Anthems of the Allies — Boshe Zaria Chrani!1917Alexei Fyodorovich Lvov (tune) amd Vasily Zhukovsky (lyrics), with Florence Attenborough (translation) and Gustave Ferrari (harmony)

Bòshe Zaria Chrani!
[1] The National Anthem of Imperial Russia
English Words by
Florence Attenborough

Music by Lwoff
Harmonized by
Gustave Ferrari

\relative c'' {
    \new Voice = "anthem" {
      \key f \major
      \tempo Grave
      \repeat volta 2 { c2 d4 d
      c4.. a16 f2
      f' e4 d
      c2 d
      bes c4 c
      a2 a4 b
      c2 b
      a2. r4 }
      \repeat volta 2 { bes2 a4 bes
      a4.. a16 g2
      f'4..( e16) d4 cis
      d2( c!)
      f( e4 d)
      c2. d4
      a2 g
      f2. r4 }
    \new Lyrics \lyricmode {
      \set associatedVoice = #"anthem"
      \override LyricText #'font-shape = #'italic
      Bò2 -- she4 zar -- ia4.. chra16 -- ni!2
      Ssil -- nyi4 der -- shâw2 nui 
      Zarst -- wui4 na Sla2 -- wyt,4 na Sla2 -- wu nam.1
      Zarst2 -- wui4 na Strach4.. Wra16 -- gam,2
      Zar2 __ pra4 -- wo sslaw2 -- nyi;
      Bò1 -- she2. zar4 -- ia2 chra -- ni!2.
    \new Lyrics \lyricmode {
      \set associatedVoice = #"anthem"
      God2 save4 our No4.. -- ble16 Tsar!2
      Great2 be4 his glo2 -- ry!
      Grow2 -- ing4 in pow2 -- er4
      and ma2 -- jes -- ty;1
      Tsar!2 May4 good for4.. -- tune16 be2
      Show2 -- ered4 on thee;1 __
      God2 save4 thee still,2.
      Our4 no2 -- ble Tsar!2.
    \new PianoStaff <<
      \new Staff {
        \key f \major
        \repeat volta 2 { <f a c>2 <f bes d>4 <f bes d>
        <f a c>4.. <c a'>16 <a f'>2
        <f' bes d f> <f c' e>4 <f bes d>
        <f a c>2 <d a' d>
        <d g bes> <c g' c>4 <c g' c>
        <c f a>2 <c f a>4 <f a b>
        <e a c>2 <e gis b>
        <c e a>2. r4 }
        \repeat volta 2 { <d g bes>2 <c f a>4 <c e g>
        << { <c f a>4.. <c f a>16 a'2 } \\ { s2 <c, f>4 <cis g'> } >>
        <a' d f>4.. <g bes e>16 <f a d>4 <e g a cis>
        <f a d>2 <c! g' bes c!>
        <f a c f> <f c' e>4 <f bes d>
        << { c'2 <d, f c'>4 <d g bes> } \\ { f ees } >>
        <c f a>2 <bes c e! g>
        <a c f>2. r4 }
      \new Staff {
        \clef "bass"
        \key d \minor
        f2 f4 f
        <f f,>4.. <f f,>16 <f f,>2
        <bes bes,>2 <bes bes,>4 <bes bes,>
        <f f,>2 <fis fis,>
        <g g,>4 <f f,> <e e,> <e e,>
        <f f,>2 <f f,>4 <d d,>
        <e e,>2 <e e,>
        <a a,>4 <e e,> <a, a,> r4
        <g g,>2 <c c,>4 <c c,>
        <f, f'>4.. <f f'>16 <f f'>4 <e e'>
        <d d'>4.. <g g'>16 <a a'>4 <a a'>
        <d, d'>2 <e e'>
        <f f'>2 <bes bes'>4 <bes bes'>
        <a a'> <f f'> <bes bes'> <g g'>
        c2 <c c,>
        <f f,>4 <c c,> \ottava #-1 \set Staff.ottavation = #"8va bassa" <f, f,> r4
  1. "The Hymn of Free Russia" by Gretchaninoff, born of the Revolution of 1917 which has transformed Russia into a Republic, is published by G. Schirmer.