The National Anthems of the Allies/Russia

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Boshe Zaria Chrani!
The National Anthem of Imperial Russia
English Words by
Florence Attenborough
Music by Lwoff
Harmonized by
Gustave Ferrari

\relative c'' {
    \new Voice = "anthem" {
      \key f \major
      \repeat volta 2 { c2 d4 d
      c4.. a16 f2
      f' e4 d
      c2 d
      bes c4 c
      a2 a4 b
      c2 b
      a2. r4 }
      \repeat volta 2 { bes2 a4 bes
      a4.. a16 g2
      f'4..( e16) d4 cis
      d2( c!)
      f( e4 d)
      c2. d4
      a2 g
      f2. r4 }
    \new Lyrics \lyricmode {
      \set associatedVoice = #"anthem"
      Bò2 -- she4 zar -- ia4.. chra16 -- ni!2
      Ssil -- nyi4 der -- shâw2 nui 
      Zarst -- wui4 na Sal2 -- wyt,4 na Sla2 -- wu nam.1
      Zarst2 -- wui4 na Strach4.. Wra16 -- gam,2
      Zar2 __ pra4 -- wo sslaw2 -- nyi;
      Bò1 -- she2. zar4 -- ia2 chra -- ni!2.
    \new Lyrics \lyricmode {
      \set associatedVoice = #"anthem"
      God2 save4 our No4.. -- ble16 Tsar!2
      Great2 be4 his glo2 -- ry!
      Grow2 -- ing4 in pow2 -- er4
      and ma2 -- jes -- ty;1
      Tsar!2 May4 good for4.. -- tune16 be2
      Show2 -- ered4 on thee;1 __
      God2 save4 thee still,2.
      Our4 no2 -- ble Tsar!2.
    \new PianoStaff <<
      \new Staff {
        \key f \major
        \repeat volta 2 { <f a c>2 <f bes d>4 <f bes d>
        <f a c>4.. <c a'>16 <a f'>2
        <f' bes d f> <f c' e>4 <f bes d>
        <f a c>2 <d a' d>
        <d g bes> <c g' c>4 <c g' c>
        <c f a>2 <c f a>4 <f a b>
        <e a c>2 <e gis b>
        <c e a>2. r4 }
        \repeat volta 2 { <d g bes>2 <c f a>4 <c e g>
        << { <c f a>4.. <c f a>16 a'2 } \\ { s2 <c, f>4 <cis g'> } >>
        <a' d f>4.. <g bes e>16 <f a d>4 <e g a cis>
        <f a d>2 <c! g' bes c!>
        <f a c f> <f c' e>4 <f bes d>
        << { c'2 <d, f c'>4 <d g bes> } \\ { f ees } >>
        <c f a>2 <bes c e! g>
        <a c f>2. r4 }
      \new Staff {
        \clef "bass"
        \key d \minor
        f2 f4 f
        <f f,>4.. <f f,>16 <f f,>2
        <bes bes,>2 <bes bes,>4 <bes bes,>
        <f f,>2 <fis fis,>
        <g g,>4 <f f,> <e e,> <e e,>
        <f f,>2 <f f,>4 <d d,>
        <e e,>2 <e e,>
        <a a,>4 <e e,> <a, a,> r4
        <g g,>2 <c c,>4 <c c,>
        <f, f'>4.. <f f'>16 <f f'>4 <e e'>
        <d d'>4.. <g g'>16 <a a'>4 <a a'>
        <d, d'>2 <e e'>
        <f f'>2 <bes bes'>4 <bes bes'>
        <a a'> <f f'> <bes bes'> <g g'>
        c2 <c c,>
        <f f,>4 <c c,> \ottava #-1 <f, f,> r4

"The Hymn of Free Russia" by Gretchaninoff, born of the Revolution of 1917 which has transformed Russia into a Republic, is published by G. Schirmer.