The National Anthems of the Allies/Japan

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For other English-language translations of this work, see Kimi ga Yo.

The Japanese National Anthem
English Words by
Florence Attenborough
Harmonized by
Chas. Vincent, Mus. Doc., Oxon.

\relative c' {
  \omit Score.BarNumber
    \new voice="anthem" {
       \repeat volta 2 { d\mf c d( e)
       g( e) d2
       e4\< g a\( g8( a)\)\!
       d4 b\> a g\!
       e g a2
       d4 c d2
       e,4\p g a g
       e4. g8\< d2
       a'4\! c d2
       c4(\f d) a( g)
       a\( g8( e)\) d2 }
    \new Lyrics \lyricmode {
      \set associatedVoice = #"anthem"
      Ki4 -- mi4 -- ga4 -4 yo2 __ wa,2
      Chi4 -- yo4 mi2 __ ya4 -- chi4 -- mo4
      in4 sa4 -- za4 -- re,2
      I4 -- shi4 -- no,2
      I4 -- wa4 o4 to4 na4. -- ri8 -- te,2
      Ko4 -- ke4 no,2 Mu2 -- su2 __ ma2 -- de.2
    \new Lyrics \lyricmode {
      \set associatedVoice = #"anthem"
      May4 our4 Sov'4 -- reign4 Lord4 re4 -- main,2 
      Root4 -- ed4 for4 a4 __ thou4 -- sand4 years4 and4 
      then—4 a4 -- gain:2
      Un4 -- til4 rocks,2 vast4 and4 sol4 -- emn,4
      rise4. from8 stone—2
      Un4 -- til4 moss2 nev4 -- er4 -- more4 is4
      thick4 -- ly4 __ grown!2
    \new PianoStaff <<
      \new Staff {
        <a d>4\mf <a c> <a d> <c e>
        <bes d g> <a cis e> <a d>2
        << { <c! e>4\< <c g'> <c a'> g'8 a\! } \\ { s2. c,4 } >> %POLY
        <d a' d>4 <d g b>\> <c fis a> <b e g>\!
        <c e> <b e g> <c e a>2
        <f a d>4 <e a c> <f a d>2
        <c e>4\p <d g>4 <f a> <e g>
        <b e>4. <c e g>8\< <b d>2
        <f' a>4\! <g c> <f d'>2
        <e c'>4\f <f d'> <e a> <e g>
        << { a g8( e) <a, d>2 } \\ { <c e>2 s2 } >> %POLY
      \new Staff {
        \clef "bass"
        <d, f>4 <a e'> <d f> <c g'>
        g a <d f>2
        <c g'>4 e f e8 f
        fis4 g d e
        a e <a, a'>2
        f'8( g) a4 d,2
        a'4 <g b> <f c'> <c c'>
        <e g>4. c8 g'2
        <f c'>4 <e c'> <d a'>2
        a'4 <d, a'> <c a'> <e b'>
        << { a g8 e <d f>2 } \\ { a2 s2 } >> %POLY
\midi {
  \tempo 4 = 50